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9th Annual New Year's Day Topper

Posted: Nov 29 2019 2:11 pm
by outdoor_lover
Where did the 9 Years go??? It was a little over 9 Years ago that I joined this Site! And here we go again! :y: The Time is almost here for another Party! Anybody up for that? As always Weather is not a Guarantee, but so far we've lucked out on the Day of.

This one is a Surprise Party, with the Surprise Location revealed the week before. There is no Page on HAZ for this Hike, but I think you will all enjoy it and the Views immensely. Hopefully it is far enough out, we won't get the Smoke from New Year's Eve. We've been lucky there too!

Things I will tell you now. It is mainly NE of Town this Year. Roughly 25 minutes from Carefree. The "TH" is accessible to all Vehicles. It is entirely off-trail, but surprisingly there is a use/game Trail almost the whole way. If you do the Loop like I did, it's 3.65 Miles RT, 1128 AEG. If you do an Out and Back, it will be around 3.25 Miles and a little over 1200 AEG. It's a Roller Coaster Ride going up, with the 1st two "Hills" and the final climb up being fairly steep. Coming down those will not be a Picnic, with Hard Packed Ground and that wonderful very fine scree. So wear your Best Treads and if you like to use Hiking Poles on steep downs, bring them. But the Rewarding Views after topping out on each Hill are totally worth it. And the Top Views, well, it may be a small Peak but you can see for Miles. And what lays out before you is really Sweet!

For those of you that are new to my New Year's Treks, I pick something just a bit or more out of Town, that is short and sweet. It'll get the Heart Rate up (especially with the Loads we take up) and it's doable for just about everyone! If you're a fast Hiker and get up to Peaks fast, bring warm Clothes for the Top. We all go at our own Pace and the Party doesn't start until the last Person is up! So you Super Hikers may have a bit of a Wait at the Top. Based on past New Year's Day Hikes, it may be cold for everyone, so take that into consideration.

Even though I'm not stating the Location of this one yet, I did do a triplog/Photoset on my Scouting Trip. [ triplog ] I hope to see some Prior Participants as well as some new Faces, so mark your Calendars!

I will Post more Details, including Location, Start Time and Directions just before Christmas, so stay tuned!

Re: 9th Annual New Year's Day Topper

Posted: Dec 20 2019 2:24 am
by outdoor_lover
The Description is now up! It's going to be a Simpsons New Year!!! :doh: :D
Check the top of the Page to see where the Party is going to be! I'm having trouble Posting an Official Route, but just click on my triplog and you will find 2 Routes. One is the Loop I did and the other is an Out and Back which is what the Official Route will be when I get that figured out, lol I've also added a Feature Photo to my Photoset as a View Teaser!
The Description has the Directions as well, so check that out so you know where to Park.

A few more Details for you. Start time will be 9:00 A.M.
If it's breezy at the TH, it will be more windy at the top for sure! It was windy at the bottom when I went and gale force at the top!
If it's a nice day and you decide to wear shorts, I highly recommend Gators. And maybe a comb or pliers, lol As careful as I was, I still picked up a few Cholla Balls.
Just an FYI, Rocks to sit on, at the top, are rare.
Leave a bit of room in your Pack, we haul more than a few things up with us.
If you are bringing a spouse, significant other, friends or plan on picking up hitchhikers on the way, PM me so I can get a more accurate head count for the Party Inventory.
For those of you who are in the Interested Column. Commitment helps me out at the Grocery Store.
Carpooling is always an Option, just ask here on this Forum.

Re: 9th Annual New Year's Day Topper

Posted: Dec 26 2019 10:31 am
by Heliops
Garth here I'm located at 7th st and Coral Gables if any one wants to carpool

Re: 9th Annual New Year's Day Topper

Posted: Dec 26 2019 3:55 pm
by outdoor_lover
I will be coming from South Scottsdale on the 101. There may be some here that are coming from further west on the 101 that can meet up with you sooner, but if you don't get any takers, we can meet up at the AJ's on Pima and Legacy (just north of the 101).

Re: 9th Annual New Year's Day Topper

Posted: Dec 30 2019 7:18 pm
by outdoor_lover
Looks like we're going to have nice weather, albeit maybe a bit chilly in the morning. Sunshine, a few clouds and hopefully some snow still sticking to some of the Peaks in our Views...

Never too late to commit or sign up!

If anyone is looking to Carpool, I'll be coming up the 101 from McDowell. You can message me if you want to hitch a ride along the way.

Re: 9th Annual New Year's Day Topper

Posted: Jan 01 2020 2:59 pm
by big_load
I hope everyone had fun.

Re: 9th Annual New Year's Day Topper

Posted: Jan 01 2020 6:36 pm
by outdoor_lover
We did! In spite of some wind and the sun disappearing for awhile, it was a really great day. Another Success in the Books with no Injuries and lots of Smiles... A Big Thank You for all that attended. We pretty much shattered the Attendance record with 19 happy hikers today! Good Times!