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looking for hiking partner

Post by cartoonostrich » Feb 09 2003 5:26 pm

hello out there, I'm planning a series of short (2-4 day) weekend backpack trips for the upcoming few months, and YOU are invited!! (YOU in this instance means preferrably one, at most two, other people, so reply soon). I don't have any destinations picked out yet, but I'll probably start out going to the desert and phase into the mountains as the season changes. I have a great deal of backpacking experience (pct thru-hike, 2001), and I've led several backcountry trail crews, I'm also a WEMT, so nobodys died or been horribly maimed on any of my trips.....I love being outdoors and I have a serious passion for wilderness travel, I usually like to cover a lot of country, but I don't mind taking it slow with good company. I'd like to do a trip the first weekend in march, so if anyone out there in the cyber-wilderness is interested, give a shout ----Alan ( the cartoon ostrich))

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Great credentials!

Post by montezumawell » Feb 09 2003 6:19 pm

Thanks for your wonderful post. Where and when are you planning these outings?


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Hiking Partner

Post by Hoffmaster » Feb 19 2003 2:00 pm

Hi! I am always up for a backpacking trip, and covering long distances in a day is right up my alley. I only have weekends off work, but I'm usually home by noon on Fridays. If you have any trips planned that can be done in a weekend, count me in.

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Post by arizonaheat » Feb 19 2003 4:52 pm

Hey Matt, I thought you moved back East or somewhere shortly after your Four Peaks hike.
Welcome back if you moved and came back.

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Hiking Partners

Post by hikeaz » Feb 25 2003 8:42 pm

A buddy & I are heading into Reavis this w/e. In on Campaign, Pinto & Fireline trails, and out the Reavis Gaptrail; with a side trip to Circlestone. It's only +/- 17 miles over 2 days, but you are welcome.
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