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5th Annual New Year's Day Topper!

Posted: Nov 21 2015 5:25 pm
by outdoor_lover
Seriously! Has it really been 5 Years? :D Who will Join me this Year and help Ring in the New Year with some Views??? :y: We are going back to the SE and this one looks Great! Roblas Butte in Queen Valley, just South of the Superstition Wilderness! And for those Super Hikers, there are 2 more "Peaks" to hit while you're there! :D The Road will be good for all Vehicles and I will drive out and check it out for Parking Arrangements... Once again, the Hike will be Short, Sweet and maybe a little Steep....And once again, it will be Off-Trail, so keep that in Mind... :y: Hope to see you there! Cheers! :D

Update: Start Time will be 9:00 A.M.

Directions: From Mesa, Superstition Freeway/SR 60 East to Queen Valley Road (Turnoff is just past the RR Tracks) Go 1.8 Miles to Hewitt Station Road. You will bear Right, cross a Cattle Guard and then the Road turns to Dirt. Go 3.0 Miles and turn Left onto Hewitt Canyon Road/FR 357/FR 172 (This is the same Road that takes you to Woodbury and Roger's Trough THs) Go 2.8 Miles to a small Pullout and a small Road taking off on the Left. This is our Parking Area. Roblas Butte can be seen from quite a ways out and will be on your Right on FR 172. You will actually just be Past it when you see the Parking Spot.

Hewitt Station Road is a little Rough for the first 1/2 Mile, but after that, it's really good. Hewitt Canyon Road/FR 357/172 is Rough, but nothing a Car can't handle as long as you're not a Low Rider. You'll probably just have to take it a little slower than an SUV or Truck would. It took me 1 Hour 10 Minutes from South Scottsdale to get to the Parking Spot, in an SUV that Rides fairly Smooth....

If anyone needs or wants to Carpool from the East Valley, let me know...Kingsnake has also offered Room in his Vehicle.... :)

If you're really careful, you might be able to get away with wearing Shorts on this, but....You're going to get a little Scratched up, it will be a Bushwack, although it doesn't look Terrible. The Weather looks to be Great with a High between 58 and 65, a Light Wind and no Clouds....

Re: 5th Annual New Year's Day Topper!

Posted: Jan 02 2016 12:09 pm
by tibber
my first New Year's Day HAZ event and it was awesome :y: . Who could believe a person would fill up on 4 choc covered strawberries, an oatmeal cookie and 2 glasses of champagne on a summit! It was awesome. Thx Pam, you really do put on quite the event! and thanks to all those that carried the goodies up and down incl the food, champagne and those things that make noise. And thanks to Ray for sweeping.

It was fun to get together on New Year's Day to start out 2016 a lot better than 2015 ended.

Here is the link to the first of 3 videos. I chose not to use the stabilizer. I was hiking/climbing slowly enough that the shake is not too bad:

Re: 5th Annual New Year's Day Topper!

Posted: Jan 02 2016 2:17 pm
by outdoor_lover
So glad you could finally join us this Year Angela! Great Video, pretty much shows it like it was.... :sweat: Those Game Trails were pretty nice to have in Places! Sure helped eliminate some Route Finding and Bushwacking! :y: