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Mount Tritle New Year Weekend Snow Hike

Posted: Dec 25 2015 8:11 am
by Peter_Medal
This is not the wimpy "official route".

Rather this one:
We will traverse from East flank starting at the Senator HIghway to summiit bag, then bushwack drop down the north face to Senator Mill, Hassayampa Creek boulder hop. It will be cold. Bring a head lamp if you want to venture into the baby mine off the Senator or the Senator Mine along the banks of the Hassayampa.

We will launch off the deck at my place a mile away (9am), or just meet at the junction of Senator Highway and Walker Road (930am).

If you have ice skates, bring them, Hassayampa Lake is frozen over.

Re: Mount Tritle New Year Weekend Snow Hike

Posted: Jan 04 2016 10:47 am
by Peter_Medal
Here is the triplog for this event....sorry I did not see the button which I will use for future reference .....

Re: Mount Tritle New Year Weekend Snow Hike

Posted: Jan 04 2016 11:36 am
by chumley
I'm not positive how events are programmed, but I think it starts by having the same title and date.

Your event was posted for 1/2, and your triplog has the date of 1/3. Those must absolutely match for the triplog to link to the event.

Since your event is "Mount Tritle New Year Weekend Snow Hike" and your hike is posted under "Mount Tritle - East Rideline Traverse", it is possible that HAZ doesn't automagically link them. Though they both have the "Mt Tritle via FR52B" description linked, so if the dates matched, it may have linked.

Now that the event is in the past, I don't think you can change the date it occurred on. You can edit photosets and triplogs to change the dates, but in this case, you actually hiked on the 3rd, so changing them to the 2nd to match the calendar event would be possible, but not accurate!