End-of-season xc skiing anyone?

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End-of-season xc skiing anyone?

Post by azbackpackr » Mar 20 2010 4:01 am

It snowed yesterday up on the mtn. and it is supposed to snow again on Tuesday (my birthday!) I have spring break from my school job, and I will be trying to ski almost every day except Monday, when I have to work all day.

Anyone who wants to come up here, I will teach you to cross country ski, just shoot me a pm. I have taught quite a few people to ski this winter. The skis are available to rent in Eagar, I think it's no more than $10 or $15 a day.

Cheapest motel in town is Reed's Lodge in Springerville, you can get an economy room for two for about $50, less for one. They also have standard and deluxe rooms, and a hot tub. http://www.k5reeds.com/

Also, Casa Malpais RV Park in Springerville has these little camping cabins for 30 bucks, bring your own bedding and you have to walk to the restroom, but I do believe they have heat (you can call and ask): http://www.campingfriend.com/CasaMalpai ... ?file=Home
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