Summer Az car camping - Suggestions

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Summer Az car camping - Suggestions

Post by sajor75 » Jun 30 2019 1:26 pm

Ideally i would prefer doing a Az exploring trip in motorcycle or even bike but with this heat its not happening lol. Im located in Phx,Az and 2wks from now plan to pack up my subaru and visit the western part of NM from South to North, then take the 260 W all the way to Prescott and head south back to phx, plan to car camp and in the mornings explore the trails area, rinse/wash n reapeat , so essentially i might stay 2 nights and a day and take off early in the morning the next day, im pretty familiar with all the trail heads along the 260 but would prefer isolated places and i know there is a lake along rim road. Im guesssing this should take me about a week tops.

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Re: Summer Az car camping - Suggestions

Post by azbackpackr » Jul 01 2019 4:32 pm

191 thru Springerville, Nutrioso, Alpine, Hannagan Meadow. Side trip to Big Lake, Lee Valley, etc. Most within the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest.
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