Blue Ridge Reservoir

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Blue Ridge Reservoir

Post by Cozalcoatl » Jun 12 2010 10:52 am

I just found this place while searching for a place to hike. Wish I knew about it earlier. Great information and seems pretty active.

I'm a Aussie who just loves living in Flagstaff. My husband and I are pretty experienced hikers/backpackers and are always looking for new places to explore.

My question is next weekend we want to do a overnighter down near the Reservior. Are there any good secluded camping areas so we can take the dogs and not bother anyone else? I'd rather not stay in the established sites. Car camping or hiking in is fine either way. We have a jeep so we can do some off road driving.

Thank you

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Re: Blue Ridge Reservoir

Post by Zort » Jun 28 2013 7:37 pm

Heading up to Blue Ridge tomorrow to get a break from the heat. Hiking Piestewa at 105°today was fun and all, but.. (And yeah, we're all still calling it Blue Ridge) We'll be taking the canoe, some camping gear, canned beer, gps and good company. Hopefully there are still some beach camps available to do an overnighter from the boat. The website ... W_LwrVerde shows the "lake" at 77%. Should be good! Post-trip report to follow. Oh right, we might do some hiking, if beer doesn't hide the trails from us. :D


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