Chevelon, Knoll, and Bear Canyon lake levels

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Chevelon, Knoll, and Bear Canyon lake levels

Post by chumley » Jul 11 2007 1:57 pm

Was wondering if anybody has recently been to Chevelon, Knoll, or Bear Canyon Lake and can report on the level and clarity of the water. I see from Hoffmaster's recent photos on HAZ that Blue Ridge is down 20+ feet (my visual estimate) from spillway level and looking pretty green (brown?), but I don't see any recent photos from the other lakes.

The AZ GFD Fishing Report doesn't give lake levels for these lakes. Last summer Knoll was down 8-10 feet below the spillway, but I don't know how it is this year. Chevelon was running over the spillway this spring, so I'm guessing that it is still pretty full.

Any firsthand reports would be appreciated.
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Re: Chevelon, Knoll, and Bear Canyon lake levels

Post by te_wa » Jul 11 2007 2:39 pm

blue ridge is always green.
Knoll was clear and full (of people)
Bear Canyon has great fishing
Chevelon is a best bet, but the hike out w/ a cooler full of fish is a (insert expletive here)

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