Alamo Lake State Park

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Alamo Lake State Park

Post by bryanmertz »

Spent 2/21 thru 2/23/03 here. While it is mostly used by RV's, there is some decent camping available.

Hiking below the dam through the Bill Williams river area is good. It takes a bit to get there, but the canyon is great. This is actually an Eagle habitat area too. The park itself is a bit of a transition area; 1200 - 1600 feet, so there is a lot of diverse wild life. We saw some Burro's and Dear.

If you do go, bring extra cash or a check book. The Park is about 40 minutes from the nearest town; Wenden (very small;) and the park store doens't take credit/ debit cards. We had to buy some firewood, and ingredients for smores!

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Re: Alamo Lake State Park

Post by kingsnake »

I was out there yesterday. ;)

Btw, 4-bar reception from on top of the hill (H+B 1655) northwest of the dam. Had a long talk with my wife in Houston. Would have phone her a photo, but could not figure out how to attach the photo to a text. (If anyone know iPhone 5GS, let me know ...) : Everyone's enjoyment of the outdoors is different and should be equally honored.
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Re: Alamo Lake State Park

Post by azbackpackr »

kingsnake wrote:
azbackpackr wrote:Way out in BFE
I've actually been there. 300 foot due in the middle of the Sahara. I put up a "Welcome to BFE, Pop. 3" (me and the other two guys on my radio team) sign and everything ... : rambo :
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Re: Alamo Lake State Park

Post by chumley »

kingsnake wrote: (If anyone know iPhone 5GS, let me know ...)
Absolutely nobody has an iPhone 5GS. Not even engineers in Apple R&D!!

But if you view the photo on the iPhone that you do have and click the share icon (curved arrow coming out of a box, in the lower left corner) you can click message and it will attach it to a blank message.
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