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Post by teague »

Hi all,

I am a biologist living in Tucson, and, like other biologists down here, have become concerned about the status of porcupines in southern Arizona. I recently contacted a lot of professionals in the area asking for recent porcupine sightings, but the majority of the sightings are from the late 1990's. So, I am now reaching out to the Arizona Trail community, with the hope that with all of the mileage and areas you all have banked, more recent sightings can be confirmed in southern Arizona. If anybody has seen one, could you please respond with locality information and a date? I did a search before posting, and saw the other porcupine thread; I'm hoping to get more responses here.


Teague Embrey
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Re: Porcupines

Post by JasonCleghorn »

I also saw a roadkill specimen on Carefree Highway about halfway between 17 and Cave Creek Rd.
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Re: Porcupines

Post by big_load »

Outdoor Lover wrote:Finally saw my First Wild Porcupine in AZ...Unfortunately it was Deceased
That has to be the most common way to see porcupines. :(
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Re: Porcupines

Post by toolcrazy »

I saw one recently 25 feet up in a pine tree near highway 87 and General Crook trail.
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Re: Porcupines

Post by beterarcher »

I saw a flat one on 89A in Oak Creek Canyon when I was like 5 years old.
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