Fire Management

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Fire Management

Post by joebartels » Jun 13 2016 6:20 pm

obviously I'm not the right person to start this thread but something away from specific fires is needed

Q: what is good fire management to you?

Q: what are those opposed to current fire management doing about future fires other than posting in public forums about current or past fires?
ie: running for some election, emailing/writing authorities, etc

Q: what percentage of moonscape do you support?
- none, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70%

other questions welcome
- joe

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Re: Fire Management

Post by Tough_Boots » Sep 20 2017 7:43 am

"Context" yes... sorry auto-correct. But your statement insinuates that Singletree is hoping for humans to be "out out of the way" and that is just not at all what he wrote.
rcorfman wrote:Basically, if we as a species are gone, then I don't see what difference it makes what the heck happens on this earth. Basically, there would be no one left to care one way or the other.
If you can't hope for positive things outside of your own benefit, I don't know what to tell ya. Some people see a grander picture that doesn't revolve around one species. I agree with Singletree-- If humans ever disappear, I hope for this planet to restore and thrive.
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Re: Fire Management

Post by TheMazzicMan » Sep 20 2017 9:08 am

@rcorfman I’m of the opinion that if the health and balance of a habitat (e.g. wilderness, wetland, etc.) is best served by the exclusion of humans, so be it. I’m the guy that heeds the warnings to not trample cryptobiotic soils; to not blaze new trails, or otherwise act in opposition to the best interest of the habitat as determined by those who I feel are smarter than myself in making those determinations, no matter how awesome it would be to get to whatever thing I’m being restricted from experiencing. In this life, it is not necessary for me to have an all-access pass for this planet.

I am heartened that there will always be places off-limits to the physical presence of humans. I also am aware that I drive a gas-powered vehicle to most of the trails I hike, so I am simultaneously saddened there isn’t a place left on Earth that is untouched by our environmental impact. I am at once part of the solution and the problem.

My comment about my hopes for nature in a post-human environment stems from this perspective. This planet is awesome. Nature is awesome. The idea that something so powerful and beautiful might not only heal, but thrive beyond my (or my species') ability to perceive of it doing so is very comforting to me. The thought of the birds continuing to sing, the waves continuing to crash, and, yes, the fire continuing to burn, without me here to experience it, suits me fine.
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Re: Fire Management

Post by rcorfman » Sep 20 2017 10:11 pm

I think you misunderstand me here. It's not that I don't want positive things outside my own benefit, I do. The only form of life on this earth that cares about things or the future of our planet, is us people. If we're gone, then there is nothing that can care about what happens on earth. Sure we can hope for a future for earth but that hope would die with the death of humans since that hope is from us to start with.

I agree with your sentiments about being good stewards to earth, about caring for our environment and it's inhabitants. It's just that to me, hope is a human thing, so if a post-human environment ever occurs, then any hopes would have passed too.

Wow, I have strayed a bit far of topic. Sorry about that.
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Re: Fire Management

Post by Jim_H » Sep 13 2018 7:25 pm ... ng-forests

Heard this on the radio yesterday. What I have been writing and saying for a while: water management districts need to help foot the bill.
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