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B-24 Crash Site

Posted: Sep 23 2003 11:07 pm
by AK
I was up at the bottom of Humphreys Sunday and happened to spot the location of the B-24 crash site. I took azhikers advise and brought a compass with me and took a bearing of about 46 degrees from the trailhead. And sure enough I found it with a pair of bonoculars. The sun was just right to see the aluminium skin of the plane glistening in the sun. I plan on going back soon to check it out. Hope that this aids anyone trying to find it because I've heard that its difficult to find from the trail. Also here are some photos that I took.

Re: B-24 Crash Site

Posted: Jun 25 2015 12:31 pm
by The_Eagle ... 424851.pdf

The above order mentions closures above the 11,400 elevation, but the closure map clearly does not include areas around Fremont, Doyle or Rees, above that elevation.

Their web Site still shows the 1991 order to be in place.

(Either way the B-47 wreckage is just below that contour, not sure about the B17 on Abineau)

This subject comes up every couple of years.
I thought Fremont, Doyle and Rees were part of the closure orders?
Or they covered under a different closure order.
I searched the site with no luck.

See my rough sketch of areas above 11400

Re: B-24 Crash Site

Posted: Jun 25 2015 1:20 pm
by CdnInAz
Thanks Eagle, your sketch is helpful. The longflights site I linked notes that B-17 hit at 11,700 feet straight up from Bear Jaw Canyon, so seems like would be into the northeast end of that closed area.