Horton Creek- Water Condition?

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Horton Creek- Water Condition?

Post by ridgerunner78 » May 12 2002 6:46 pm

Has anyone been to Horton within the last week or two? I'm wondering how the spring is flowing with the drought.


Ryan G.

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Post by joebartels » May 16 2002 3:42 pm

Welcome back Ryan!

I'd be interested to know myself.

According to the USGS stream flow data it's difficult to figure as there isn't a gauge right up there. I know last year around this time (a very wet year) the cubic feet per second on the Tonto was in the upper 40's. It's been around 1 for the past week. Unless I'm reading that wrong, that's bone dry.

Olesma swears Horton is an under ground river shooting out of the rim. Spring or river, I bet it's seen better days!
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Better days...

Post by olesma » May 17 2002 10:19 am

If you are looking for the stream below the spring to be running full throttle, well, you are most certainly out of luck. There is some water I'm sure, but it probably is quite low. I've never seen it dry - but this year might be as low as it has ever been.

That being said, it is always flowing with some water. This year might be the perfect time to abandon the trail and do the rock-hopping bit along the stream bed up to the spring. Something I've always wanted to do...
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Post by ridgerunner78 » May 17 2002 1:50 pm

Well I went up to Horton Creek yesterday, and it was CLOSED. The rangers told me basically the whole forest is closed. Fire danger is too high. So I went up the top of the rim, Apache-Sitgreaves is still open!!!


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Post by nealz » May 17 2002 3:24 pm

Thanks for the bad nooze Ryan. I called the Payson Ranger District of Tonto NF this a.m. and they told me pretty much the same thing. Not only are parts of Tonto NF restricted, but much of the forest under the rim is closed to anything.. This includes open campfires, backpacking, day hiking, mtn biking and even car camping in the established FS campgrounds - all closed. The ranger I spoke with said that soil moisture content and water availability in the closed areas is the worst they have ever recorded since they've kept records - 104 years. Yikes. The recent Springer and Indian fires sealed the decision to lock the door.

Here's a Tonto NF map that shows both the restricted and closed areas:

http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/news/pres ... re_map.htm

I had an overnighter planned up at Horton Spring in three weeks. Anybody have another suggestion? Thanks.


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Post by jeremy77777 » May 25 2002 8:51 pm

If you go to horton from the top of the rim you can still get there. just follow a game trail down from the top. park by the wildlife refuge area
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