water sources in the Superstitions

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water sources in the Superstitions

Post by maw » Oct 28 2002 6:49 pm

I wanted to pack into to the superstions for about 6 nights. I need to know where water is currently located in the backcountry. Please advise

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Post by GTG_AZH » Oct 28 2002 9:22 pm

maw, welcome to the site.
There was a post about this same topic earlier this month, let me see here,
http://hikearizona.com/dex2/viewtopic.p ... ight=#6776

Good luck, sounds like a great trip.
Let us know how it goes.

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water in superstitions

Post by Randy » Oct 29 2002 9:47 am

The recent rains may be helping in some small way. Best sources on trail are probably Charlebois, Second Water, LaBarge, Bluff Springs, Reavis Creek below the ranch site and the springs along Campaign Creek. Angel Basin may have some water. The fact that the cliff dwellings were constructed there indicates that the area did, at least at that time, feature dependable sources. You may wish to call the Mesa ranger district at 480-610-3300 and ask for the wilderness ranger. If they have been in there, they'll have a recent update. I've been in there when Boulder Canyon was uncrossable due to extreme flooding and also when you had to prime to spit. I would never underpack water and assume it's there.

For a multi-day trip, I'd consider short turn escape routes if several water spots turn out to be dry. -Randy

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