Water at Reavis???

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Water at Reavis???

Post by landsinaz » Nov 04 2002 5:58 pm

We are in the planning stages of a overnighter. Has anyone been out at Reavis Ranch :) recently that can give us info on the water situation? Thanks!
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Post by nealz » Nov 05 2002 3:08 pm


This isn't first-hand, but I spoke to a buddy who was in there last week and there was water in the creek and at the spring. The Tonto NF classifies Reavis Creek as perennial altho it's about as low as it can get right now. The Mesa office of the Tonto NF used to send a ranger to Reavis at least twice a month for a resource 'recon' so they might have the definitive word. No apples this year but the leaves are turning. Should be a very nice trip. I'm envious. :roll:


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Post by Sredfield » Nov 05 2002 7:51 pm

I was there Sept. 29, there was water flowing in the creek down by the ranch. Also, in the stream bed to Angel basin I found some pools, well off the trail but there was water if you really needed it, pretty skanky.

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Post by Wiz » Nov 06 2002 6:12 am

I think you will be in pretty good shape for water. Recent rains have filled pools and recharged water supplies at areas far less reliable than Reavis Ranch (at least according to friends of mine that have been out there recently).
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