Fun with Buzzards

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Fun with Buzzards

Post by Nighthiker »

Sunrise hike this morning and I noted a squadron of buzzards orbiting above me. So I laid down and first one landed in a tree nearby;
Then joined by two others in another tree;
And finally another landed nearby for a closer look;
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Re: Fun with Buzzards

Post by DbleDutch »

Nighthiker wrote:So I laid down
Tempting fate... who knows how hungry they were. :)
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Re: Fun with Buzzards

Post by SuperstitionGuy »

Do not ever assume that buzzards are vegans. :o :scared: Just sayin....
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Re: Fun with Buzzards

Post by Alston_Neal »

Yeah it's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out.
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Re: Fun with Buzzards

Post by CannondaleKid »

Alston_Neal wrote:until someone gets their eye poked out.
... or shot out :o

Although thankfully it never happened, frankly I'm very surprised it did not... I have fond memories of playing shoot'em up in our long, open basement, shooting at each other BB guns no less. : rambo :

While we did have various pieces of furniture & boxes stacked up as fort walls, and we had a few cheap plastic football helmets, we never wore anything for eye protection.
Yup, young and stupid, yet somehow we survived without anyone losing their eyesight. :y:
Ah, those were the days...

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