Mogollon Monster

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Mogollon Monster

Post by Canyonram » Mar 10 2012 10:39 am

The Mogollon Monster is the Arizona version of Bigfoot. Here's a description:

"Like any self-respecting monster he is big and hairy and ugly. He is said to be about 7 feet tall, muscular and covered with long hair. And he smells awful. On the upside, the Mogollon Monster is said to be very shy, and as far as anyone knows he doesn't seem to have ever hurt anyone. He mostly stomps around campsites, making a lot of noise and tearing stuff up and eating all the food."

(from ... tml?&wired )

Based on the photo identifiers posted by forum members, that description seems to apply to at least half the forum members (both male and female).

The TV program that investigates Bigfoot sightings was recently in Payson with plenty of residents claiming to have seen the Mogollon Monster. ... nster-mob/

Wonder how many forum members have either seen or dated/married said Monster?

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Re: Mogollon Monster

Post by kingsnake » Mar 13 2012 6:20 am

Dave1 wrote:Spotted this guy crossing under 87 near Sunflower today.
I'm disappointed the Mogollon Monster is not picking up his trash ... : Everyone's enjoyment of the outdoors is different and should be equally honored.

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Re: Mogollon Monster

Post by burntlizard » Mar 30 2012 6:23 am

Just eat some Jack Links beef jerky on your next hike. This will give you the courage to confront the big fellow.

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