Lost hoodie Carney Springs

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Lost hoodie Carney Springs

Post by JoelHazelton » Dec 25 2008 1:01 am

Hey all, I lost a black zip-up hoodie on the West Boulder trail from Carney Springs this past Sunday. On the front it says "SAGE", and then some random stuff on the back. I LOVE this hoodie!!!!! It should most likely be between the trailhead and West Boulder Saddle. Please PM me if you found it or come across it out there. Thanks :)
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Re: Lost hoodie Carney Springs

Post by rushthezeppelin » Dec 26 2008 4:16 am

Ouch dude....that sucks. I once dropped my favorite jacket doing a backpack but lucky for me I was returning the same route and ended up finding it nice and easily but I guess you were doing ridgeline so it wasn't too easy to just turn around and scrap your whole day ehh. Hopefully somebody finds it for you man. If I was in the valley I would go up there and have a look as I want to do Carney Spring-West Boulder Saddle again to try and get up in better time than I did last Sat. I ended up getting a charley horse right near the bottom of the draw and had to drag myself up that damn thing......thankfully it worked its way out on the saddle so I didn't mess up our ridgeline hike

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