LOST: Silver Sony Cybershot on Gardener Canyon #143

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LOST: Silver Sony Cybershot on Gardener Canyon #143

Post by warp0ut » Nov 06 2015 8:57 pm

Fellow Hikers,

My first time hiking the Gardener Canyon Trail resulted in a lot of pictures, which were subsequently lost along with my camera at some point during my return hike. If by some stroke of luck someone stumbles upon it please let me know. Also I should specify the details of my hike:

1) Had to park & begin hike from Gardener Canyon Road's first creek crossing, i.e. around mile 6 from SR-83. I walked on foot the rest of the way following Gardener Canyon Rd. the whole time.
2) I ended my hike at the bottom of Gardener Canyon, at the entrance point into National Forest Wilderness (signs prohibiting motor vehicles as well as an old rusty sign indicating distances to Madera Canyon, Old Baldy Saddle, et al.)
3) From here I returned to my vehicle via the same route.

Thanks for your time guys, let me know if it turns up. It may or may not be found with a gray beanie which I lost around the same time.

Josh Barron

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