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Post by sitnbakwrds » Mar 22 2010 2:51 pm

I'm heading down for my seventh trip at the end of April. My last trip was before the big flood. I know about the new waterfalls and Navajo Falls drying up (I'm still bummed about this) but one question I have is in regards to Beaver Falls. We used to enjoy the hike down to Beaver Falls to view the scenery and get some cliff/rock jumping in. That was after a few swings on the rope swing below Mooney. Anyway, I heard rumors that the pools at Beaver Falls are not as deep and, therefore, make cliff jumping to dangerous. Does anybody know for sure. Has anybody been to Beaver Falls after the flood or know of anybody who has. Just wondering.......thanks.

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Re: Cha...cha...cha...changes

Post by base871 » Mar 22 2010 6:19 pm

I was at beaver falls last summer. It was pretty shallow when I was there. All rope swings around mooney were gone. There was a rope swing at havasu falls but its cheesy.
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Re: Cha...cha...cha...changes

Post by writelots » Mar 23 2010 9:21 am

My recollection was that Beaver was pretty shallow as well - the whole stream down from where Navajo used to be is very full of sediment. There really aren't any large deep pools left. It will be gradually filtering out, but I'd be super cautious about cliff jumping anywhere there in the next couple of years.
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