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The OTHER rim to rim

Post by PaleoRob » Jul 16 2007 9:40 pm

Driving along the South Rim last week, between Hopi Point and Desert View, I suddenly had a thought. Has anyone done (or heard of anyone doing) an east-west transverse (rim to rim) of the Canyon, from Palisades of the Desert to the Grand Wash Cliffs? Is it even feasible? What total distance, by the shortest path, would you be looking at? Storm clouds a brewin' in my head...
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Re: The OTHER rim to rim

Post by Hoffmaster » Jul 16 2007 10:58 pm

Colin Fletcher did pretty much exactly that. In 1963 he started at Supai, and traversed east below the South Rim. He crossed the Colorado at the confluence with the Little Colorado River; eventually picking up the Nankoweap Trail and finishing at Point Imperial on the North Rim.
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Re: The OTHER rim to rim

Post by racer40 » Jul 31 2007 1:48 pm

I read a story by Mike Mahanay on about his trip from the North Rim down Nankoweap, crossing at the Little Colorado confluence and then heading West with a stay at Phantom Ranch before heading up Bright Angel. Ever since I read that story I have been itching to take that trip. Not exactly the one you are describing but awesome none the less. Hope you have fun!
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