Rim to Rim to Rim in... December?

Rim to Rim to Rim

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Rim to Rim to Rim in... December?

Post by Moodrets » Oct 15 2009 5:31 am

I'll be back in Phoenix ~Dec. 20-Jan. 10 for Winter break and this is one hike I've always wanted to do, but have never quite had the chance/confidence to attempt (alone. I have that now but would still prefer a hiking partner or two). The date of the hike is very malleable (and would probably best be decided by a weather forecast) and can fall anywhere within the range I mentioned. I'd think it best to start around 2 (AM) in order to finish somewhere around 6-10 PM that day, but the times are easily subject to revision also (possibly camp out on the SR the nights before and after). Now, I suppose, is the time to work out the details.

Anyone care to come with?

Oh, and I considered posting this in the hiking events section, but without an exact date I felt it would be better here.

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Re: Rim to Rim to Rim in... December?

Post by PaleoRob » Oct 15 2009 5:56 am

Camping at the South Rim in December will be cold cold cold. As someone who lived and worked there (on and off) for three years, I can definitively state that. It will be cold in December. Looking at weather maps of the state, the South Rim is consistently the coldest overnight temperature in the state. Their overnight lows are already in the 20s. Of course, I have no data on the White Mountains, since the news never bothers to report on them, nor the Lukachukais, but even if Alpine gets colder, it doesn't really matter since you're not thinking of camping there.
Just had to throw that out there.
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