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North Rim Rescue

Post by Dschur » Feb 24 2015 4:43 pm

An Arizona Department of Public Safety helicopter was plucking stranded Northern Arizona University students out of an area near the north rim of the Grand Canyon and flying them to... ... /23936159/
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Re: North Rim Rescue

Post by big_load » Feb 24 2015 5:46 pm

Sometimes the hardest part of getting out doesn't start until you reach the car. That's happened a couple times for me. Once a storm was coming and I spent half a day nearly running out under a full load so I could get my rental car across the ford before water rose. After eight miles, I beat the rain by half an hour, but the water was already rising. (I'm glad I read the weather signs right). Another time was more like this story. Mrs. big_load and I were coming up from Havasu Falls in a heavy snow that was burying our car up at the top. We were lucky not be stuck, but we drove for two hours before getting much above walking speed.

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Re: North Rim Rescue

Post by azbackpackr » Feb 24 2015 5:59 pm

Thanks for posting!

This was NAU Outdoors. They have a lot of great classes available to take as elective credit or also if you are majoring in Parks and Rec Mgmt. A 3 credit class in Multiday river guiding was my fave, in Grand Canyon! I also took mtn bike repair, whitewater kayaking, medicinal plants, water rescue, etc. (This was mostly in 2011.)

I noticed the article says "They knew what they were doing." They do work hard to have a respectable program. I didn't take any of the backpacking courses because I wanted to experience new stuff, however.

Glad to hear they got out okay.
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