How Not to Hike the Tanner

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How Not to Hike the Tanner

Post by Canyonram » Jul 29 2011 11:25 pm

This hiker illustrates the way to NOT hike the Tanner Trail in Grand Canyon. He films himself going down to Cardenas Butte and then thinking the better of the danger of continuing on. He's claims to carry 50-60 lbs of gear, inadequate water for the July weather, no sun protection, starts late in the morning, adbandons his gear, strips off his clothing and is exposed to the full sun, doesn't know the mileage, no map in use on the trail? (but on the video). Not sure if he has a permit---the Backcountry Office made a big mistake if they issued him one since this hike is beyond his current level of Canyon hiking ability.

He helps himself to water cached along the trail (hide those jugs unless you are donating them). I've left donated water along the trail before but I also label it as such. He way overestimates his travel miles---Cardenas Butte is about 4.5-to-5 miles down and then back up---he claims 30 miles in his final video frame. When he gets to the top, he stops to double check the information on the warning sign at the trailhead. Don't think he understands how close he came to heat stroke/dehydration.

Perfect training video. The one right thing he did was 'ABORT' when he realized he was pushing it too far.

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Re: How Not to Hike the Tanner

Post by hikeaz » Aug 31 2011 9:46 pm

The youtube hiker and the one who perished this/last week were both responsible for themselves, the outcome of their respective adventure merely turned out differently.
The 'G-dad with the kids' is a horse of a different color and has no correlation to the two above. Child abuse, sadly, is present everywhere, this one instance (alleged at this point) just happened to be in the GC.

As I am in the Canyon often I have occasion to meet many parkies. I think that the interp rangers and the BCO guys/gals are some of the coolest, Canyon-loving folks that I've had the pleasure of meeting. Conversely, I have come across this new breed of LE ranger every so often, too. My experiences have not been favorable for the most part; they, as a group, seem way too over-amped for the job. Maybe a little too much Barney? - I don't know, but I DO know that have been rude and overbearing. I have written the Sup of GCNP with my observations; both my praise and my concerns.

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