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Dripping Springs - Hermits

Posted: Sep 18 2011 3:12 pm
by Al_HikesAZ
Just got some Beta from Jamie Campos on the Yahoo Grand Canyon Hikers Forum that Dripping Springs has been heavily impacted by recent rains (within the last two week). Some areas washed out requiring some tricky crossings. And Cathedral Stairs on Hermits has been impacted. Expect to take a little bit longer with a little more anxiety on these sections. Can't confirm but I do trust Jamie for straight dope.

Re: Dripping Springs - Hermits

Posted: Sep 18 2011 7:03 pm
by Canyonram
Yup on the route to Dripping Springs. Didn't see anything in regards to the Cathedral Stairs on the Hermit. Here's the Sept 14 post on the Grand Canyon Backcountry update:

"Recent heavy rains have caused trail damage on the Dripping Springs Trail. Hikers will need to determine the safest route through the rock slide which will include climbing over potentially loose boulders. Some hikers reported they had difficulty finding the trail. Hikers should test stability of all surfaces prior to committing weight and know when to turn around. It is recommended that day hikers consider Santa Maria Springs as an alternative destination. Grand Canyon National Park trail crews plan to evaluate the site by early October."

You can subscribe to the GC trail updates here: ... ountry.xml

Re: Dripping Springs - Hermits

Posted: Sep 20 2011 7:54 am
by John9L
Thanks for posting this. I'm heading down Hermit this weekend and will take some pics of anything relevant.

Re: Dripping Springs - Hermits

Posted: Sep 20 2011 8:25 am
by Canyonram
Topo map showing location of the rock slide. Anyone who has taken this route to either Dripping Springs or Boucher is aware of some of the exposure along this part of the trail. ... UMP_572873

This Saturday is a freebie entrance day into GC so there will be plenty of dayhikers heading down Hermit to Dripping Springs.

Anyone doing the Hermit trail - Boucher - Tonto - Hermit trail loop should be aware of this rock slide as well.