Need Tonto Water Report

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Need Tonto Water Report

Post by aztazer »


If you've hiked the section of the Tonto between Grandview and South Kaibab, can you please bring me up-to-speed on which canyons have water flowing. Our trip April 5th. I'm especially interested in knowing if we can expect to find water in Lone Tree or Cremation.

Conversely, if you know a better water report source than, please advise.


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Re: Need Tonto Water Report

Post by chumley »

It doesn't look like anybody has reported this year yet.

Here is the map with the springs. Click on the droplet icon for the list of reports from past trips.

I would expect there to be some water in Lonetree, downstream about 20 minutes, but probably not in Cremation. *Don't rely on my expectation! But hasn't been that long since the snowmelt.

The most reliable source would be to call the backcountry office and ask them for the most recent information that they have. They do reply to emails as well, usually within a couple of days.
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Re: Need Tonto Water Report

Post by te_wa »

somebody get the Hippy out there for a news flash! inquiring minds! :wrt:
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Re: Need Tonto Water Report

Post by Dave1 »

From yahoo gc group:

We came up the Hance last Friday (3/29) after walking from Hermit. While we
found water at Cedar, Salt, Lone Tree, Boulder, and the spring in Red Canyon,
the flows -- well, they weren't really flows at all -- were less than on past
trips. FWIW, I wouldn't count on finding water in any of the seasonal sources
unless I heard it from some one who'd been there in the last day or two.

That said, it was a bit long but a great trip. Excellent weather, cloud cover
some afternoons, all-in-all, excellent hiking.

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