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Going to Phantom and already thinking about the next trip!

Posted: May 01 2002 7:41 pm
by Diane Tuccillo
I am going with two friends to Phantom Ranch next month. We are really looking forward to it. I like the idea of being free of all the backpacking gear for a change--been into the Canyon a bunch of times, but to camp not stay in the lap of luxury. :lol: This time we travel light!

So, that got me thinking. It is taking us two years to have this reservation come true. Two years! I am thinking ahead to my next trip to Phantom because I already know staying there is going to spoil me and I'll want to return. My question ultimately is this: how hard is it to hike from the North Rim to Phantom Ranch in a day without heavy backpacking stuff? I know it is about 14 miles, and I have done it in 2 days both ways backpacking with stays at Cottonwood. I was beat after each 7 mile leg of the trip and ready for the campground! But if we parked at the South Rim, got the shuttle to the North, and hiked down to Phantom, could we do it in one day okay? Then, we could hang out down there a few days and do some day hikes, and come out the South Rim.

Has anyone done this? Any advice? I might have to call soon if I want another reservation at the Ranch in two years!

Posted: May 01 2002 7:58 pm
by evenstarx3
Think anybody who wants to go to PR has an excellent chance to pick up someone's cancellation, especially the month or two before the month you're looking at. I've had PR reservation for PR Oct. 4 this year for nearly a year now, but have been calling about once a week for the past two months hoping for a May cancellation; several weeks ago I could have had a reservation for apr. 25, but no meals....I passed. Called a week ago and they had two cancellations available. One for may 27, with only dinner and a sack lunch; the other for May 21 with dinner, either sitting, breakfast (early sitting only..groan) and sack lunch. With reservations made 23 months in advance, and you lose your deposite if you don't cancel at least 48 hours in advance, think there will always be many cancellations a month or two before the month you desire. Keep calling, at least every couple of weeks and more often as the months you want draws near.

Posted: May 02 2002 9:49 am
by lobo41
My question ultimately is this: how hard is it to hike from the North Rim to Phantom Ranch in a day without heavy backpacking stuff?
Dianne, we just returned from a Rim to Rim to Rim. We started at the South Rim carrying camelbaks that weighed about 17 pounds before we added water. It took us a little over 7 hours from the North Rim to Phantom Ranch. The hardest part of the hike is from the Rim to Cottonwood Campground. I would think that you would have no problems making Phantom Ranch in a day.

Posted: May 02 2002 5:11 pm
by sidhayes
People that hike in the mountains several times weekely should have no trouble hiking to PR. I have walked down to it in 3.25 hours and have ran to it in 1.5 hours.