Hikes with Trilobites

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Hikes with Trilobites

Post by joebartels » Feb 15 2016 7:32 am

I've been asked about hikes or exploring areas with beds of trilobites. Near Page, Bisbee or anywhere in AZ.

I see mentions in...
Mack's Crossing via FR#137, AZ

Or maybe there is a book that is useful.
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Re: Hikes with Trilobites

Post by PaleoRob » Feb 15 2016 8:18 pm

You need to be in formations below the Triassic. So nothing near Page. They are rare in the Kaibab Limestone near Flagstaff. There are some in the Grand Canyon; I haven't seen any but I have some friends who have collected them (under permit). There might be some near Payson. Plenty of other invertebrates preserved there but no trilobites that I've seen. There are lots of good localities in Nevada and Utah, but I am not sure how far those beds extend into Arizona.
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Re: Hikes with Trilobites

Post by Dschur » Feb 15 2016 8:43 pm

Beds of Trilobites are hard to find... we have found a bed of Bright Angel Shale outside of the Grand Canyon with lots of pieces of trilobites in the green shale.. It isn't a very big area and won't share it with the public.. took a lot of research to find it and want to keep it safe.. Haven't been there in a few years need to see if it has changed...
The site that I have there on the road to Mack's Crossing if you look at the cliffs as you walk along a pygidium will be found here and there as well as all kinds of Brachs and other shells that is in the Kaibab... have found a lot of trilobite bits in the Redwall limestone as well out in the Kohl's ranch area...
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Re: Hikes with Trilobites

Post by Nighthiker » Feb 15 2016 9:13 pm

I had a geology class and visited the GC for a field trip and it included an area that had trilobites and another area near East Clear Creek.

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