Plantar Plate Tear (foot)

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Plantar Plate Tear (foot)

Post by SJFL »

Hey Everyone. I've been sidelined for 17 weeks now with a plantar plate tear. First MRI found nothing (Radiology Limited in Tucson). Second MRI showed a lot more (Banner)--specifically a "high grade partial thickness plantar plate tear." So, first of all, Radiology Limited is indeed "limited" in terms of the capabilities of their older and less accurate machines. The "3T" MRI at Banner was able to see so much that the first MRI missed. Was very disappointed with Rad Limited.

ANYHOW, does anyone have experience with a plantar plate tear? If so, how severe was your tear? Did you have surgery? Did you pursue any "alternative" treatments like PRP, Prolotherapy, or Shockwave? How long did it take for you to heal and were able to get back to business as usual--hiking, backpacking, etc.?

Thank you.
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Re: Plantar Plate Tear (foot)

Post by SpiderLegs »

I've had issues on and off with the dreaded PF, but so far no tears. Time, those small spiky roller balls and more time generally fixed the issue for me.
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