Knee Troubles

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Knee Troubles

Post by DallinW »

Last weekend my outer left knee (on the left side) started to hurt coming down Flatiron, but it was mild enough to ignore. I don't remember twisting it or landing on it weird in any way.

Yesterday I was out doing my usual rounds at South Mountain. The pain started within the first mile and gradually got worse over the course of the uphill portion of the hike. I took 2 tablets of ibuprofen about half way through the hike and took a brake at the bench near the Buena Vista trailhead for about 10 - 15 minutes to let the Vitamin I take effect.

On the way down the pain continued to get worse and it felt like the Vitamin had very little effect on the pain. Going downhill, particularly when having to perform a stepping down motion over rocks and ledges causes the most pain. This is the leg I usually use to support my weight on those "down steps."

This feels a bit different than the usual pain and aches I can get after strenuous hikes. I've never had pain stick around this long or get worse on the next hike a week later.

After searching the web I suspect I have Iliotibial Band Syndrome or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, both of which are very common in hikers and runners. Anyone have experience and/or tips for dealing with it and/or speeding up the recovery of it? I'm little worried it won't be healed by this weekend, when I have plans to go backpacking. An even scarier thought is that this could become a reoccurring problem.

For now, I'm taking it easy. But i'll get out and see how it feels right before the trip this weekend.
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Re: Knee Troubles

Post by rcorfman »

Just an FYI, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is losing favor http://www.caringmedic...
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Re: Knee Troubles

Post by CannondaleKid »

rcorfman wrote:Just an FYI, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is losing favor
It lost favor for me many, many years ago. I agree with most of what the article states...

If I ever use a cold compress, I follow it immediately with heat, then cold again, then heat, cold, hot, cold, etc. which stimulates the healing blood flow.

Also, I stay away from NSAIDS as much as possible, leaning more on biofeedback.

And rest... depending on the type and seriousness of the injury and the likelihood of further injury should have more bearing on whether short-term (hours/days) or long-term (weeks/month) rest (or surgery) is required.

Just like my opinion on shoes/boots... the more 'support' they provide, the less muscle strength is built up long-term. Wearing Teva's long-term did wonders for the strength of my ankles. If I weren't hiking so much in terrain not conducive to feet in-the-open, I would be wearing Teva's every hike. As it is, the way I lace my boots is tight on the foot yet loose on the ankle so it keeps the ankle working.

Although I wake every morning with stiff ankles, knees (and now hips) from arthritis, they always feel better after a hike... the rougher terrain, the better.

At my age, too much rest is a bad thing.
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Re: Knee Troubles

Post by Jim_H »

All depends on what it is. My left IT band started to bother me after several "rest weeks" that were non-optional after my move in July, and rest did nothing for it. I got back out and stretched a little, and it went back to status quo.

Now, and for at least a month, I have had right knee problems. I am unsure if it relates to my September fall, and/or another minor fall in October on a sloped rock hidden under a thin layer of snow. Either way, I started to have pain between my femur and tibia, in the knee joint. 440 of Naproxene helps, as can ice, but there does not appear to be a clear reason or answer. My hope is time heals it, as sometimes excercise makes it feel good, and other times it hurts it. Standing and at work is where it actually began. The knee issue itself if a pain, but the numbness and burning in my right foot is what troubles me, as it is clear a nerve is being pinched or irritated, most likely by swelling. Trouble is, with all the steep up and down I have down through the years, I may not have done my knees any favors. Time will tell.
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Re: Knee Troubles

Post by big_load »

Good luck! I've had ITBS along with a handful of related injuries. It's hard to ease up long enough to get better, but it makes a difference.
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