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Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Dec 03 2015 9:05 pm
by Trew
I have been hit hard this week with medical news. 4 big items have hit me at once. One of them is Valley Fever. I know nothing about this- scheduled for specialist, etc, but I want to start the AZT nobo in March. I know right now I am just wiped out, very tired. Not breathing very well. Can I kick this thing by March?

Someone give me some positive feedback, please........

Re: Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Dec 03 2015 9:53 pm
by big_load
Wow, you're on a run of bad luck. :( Get well soon!

Re: Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Dec 03 2015 10:17 pm
by Trew
I got hit hard that week I was planning to be out with you- I never would have made it. Also have whooping cough. I still wanted to go out, but that was the week my dad fell and broke his hip, too.

I am looking for any feedback from others who may have had valley fever. I'm still making plans for a March start on the AZT. My wife may try and override that decision if I am not breathing normally.

Re: Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Dec 03 2015 11:43 pm
by chumley
I had a friend who got valley fever. While it's different for everybody, there's plenty of time between now and March for you to go through treatment and get your body accustomed (it never goes away ... you just overcome the symptoms). I obviously can't speak for your case, but my friend was fully healthy in less than two months. Whether what I perceived to be "fully healthy" was healthy enough to embark on a through hike? That I can't say...

Re: Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Dec 04 2015 7:00 am
by CannondaleKid
While I fully understand the wish to hear from the experience of others, the FIRST THING should be...
Consult a doctor for medical advice!

The very basics:
1 Treatable by a medical professional
2 Requires a medical diagnosis
3 Lab tests or imaging always required
4 Medium-term: resolves within months
5 In SOME cases the infection may recur or be permanent
6 And again... CONSULT A DOCTOR

However... since you asked for personal experience, here's mine...

First off, I never knew I had valley fever while I was infected. Now after-the-fact, doctors have told me I may not have noticed because of my high natural lung efficiency, so I never felt out-of-breath, one of the main symptoms.

The only reason I found out I had it PREVIOUSLY was a pre-op x-ray prior to knee surgery at VA four years ago. When the doctors saw the mass on the x-ray they thought it was lung cancer, so they would not proceed with the knee surgery.
(Insert a week of drama fighting with VA here. I demanded the knee surgery NOW, because IF it turns out to be cancer, I wanted to be able to walk while fighting it)

So I had the knee surgery first, then came back for lung biopsy, which the relatively inexperienced doc messed up, collapsing my lung. But again, since I STILL had a high lung efficiency, I did not know it myself and the oxygen/finger 'thingie' reading was still at 95%. They were about to send me home but at the last minute decided for another x-ray, which is when they discovered the collapsed lung.

So now I was admitted to the hospital (biopsy was out-patient) to fix the collapsed lung and I got to experience VA hospital food... in one word BAD!

The results of the biopsy?
No cancer, just calcified remains of the fungus. So, following on #5 above, in MY CASE there has been no recurrence and what is there is no longer of consequence.

Re: Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Dec 04 2015 7:23 am
by Trew
Cannondale, that sounds hopeful. Thanks. I am already involved in the medical process. The comments about the cancer were especially appropriate. The tech doing the CT today asked if I have any cancer history, which I do. So I now suspect that I may also have to have a lung biopsy. But maybe not. But I won't panic is it is suggested. That was a good heads up.

My lung capacity is not as efficient as yours and I have been having difficulty breathing the last few months.

But I do feel more hopeful after reading your post and the one above it.

Re: Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Dec 04 2015 5:53 pm
by RedRoxx44
Been there done that. Valley Fever diagnosis then Non Hodgkins Lymphoma about 8 months later.9 months of chemo. A sort of hard year after that. Then I rebounded very well, chemo is the ultimate antioxidant treatment I think. I still notice sometimes a little struggle if I am doing a steep uphill if I am already a little tired. At times the second wind I get is not as good on longer hikes.
My diagnosis was made by my cancer doc. He saw the nodule in my lung on CT, at the time I was diagnosed with pneumonia. A few test later ( thank goodness no biopsy) a review of my past symptoms. When they were checking the tumor progress they would look at that and it was stable. I actually did recover enough to hike between diagnoses' although I wasn't doing too well at the time of the cancer finding. I think it was about 2 months after the onset I did some short hiking, around Anza Borrego, I did manage Sombrero peak and while short its' a hard off trail for part of it.
All this was almost 14 years ago now. I think I get fatigued quicker on harder hikes, and maybe can't do some of the longer ones as easily, but I feel I do pretty well. I did some of my longer backpacks after all that.

Re: Medical Question- Valley Fever

Posted: Jan 17 2016 8:25 am
by Trew
I think the valley fever is now behind me. Took me about 5- 6 weeks to get over the worst of it. It broke just before Christmas and plans to start the AZT in March are back on track.

RedRoxx, hope all the cancer stuff is behind you. I had stage iv prostate cancer and that cancer stuff sure can mess with your mind.