Whoa, whoa is our plight!

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Whoa, whoa is our plight!

Post by Jim_H » Mar 21 2018 6:18 pm

https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2018 ... vive-water

Whoa to those, such as myself, dumb enough to choose to live in this hell hole, this unsustainable abomination in the desert, where it must be 115 most of the year, it is never cold or cool, people roast in January, and we apparently get all of out water from the over tapped Colorado. Whoa, to us!
Do you sense my sarcasm?

When ever I hear people say or write that sort of thing, you know they don't seem to know much about the place. The comments are enlightening. Sure, water use is way over what is sustainable but so is it in Florida, where it rains 50 inches a year! Anyone heard anything about California lately? Say, do you think the author would slam most cities in California, southern California especially, as would be fitting? Never forget that LA appropriated an entire river for it's sustainable use.

You don't have to travel much in Arizona to realize that we use massive amounts of water, sure, but agriculture, dairy and chickens and their feed use a disproportionately large amount of that. Golf courses, lawns, wasted water on landscaping, add to that exported crops, cotton, and other things, and there is a lot more water available for urban growth, no matter how hellish someone not from here must think Phoenix happens to be.
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Re: Whoa, whoa is our plight!

Post by LosDosSloFolks » Aug 29 2019 10:04 am

@Jim_H, "Reliable sources" have it that a French artist has recently been awarded a 8.2 billion dollar contract from the City of Phoenix to create an art installation that shall incorporate hundreds of thousands of umbrellas... (exact number and colors to be determined at a later date after the appropriate studies have been done by outside agencies). Not only beautiful objets d'art, they will open automatically as needed to shade the city and thus cooling it. Joe keeps plugging a Teflon coated umbrella from Amazon, so perhaps he is involved or maybe just a visionary. The brilliant part of this plan is the job creation aspect, as manual opening and closing of the umbrellas will be required during times of the city's mandatory "brown-outs" to our power grid to meet carbon credit requirements.
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