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Copper World

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From the people who gave you Rosemont in the Santa Ritas' or are attempting to, 3-4 more high grade copper deposits located on mainly the western side of the Santa Ritas. I mean Copper World?? they couldn't come up with a better name. I can't see this going anywhere in the current political climate, but I guess politicians like money no matter where it comes from. Some of the deposits would bring the mining activity within site of the uppity up Quail Creek development; I can see the Biatching in the local paper now. How about hiking the trails and looking down on a yawning pit?? It will be interesting to see how this proceeds. Big money and power against the so called environmentalists' ( I say that because of all the politics, maneuvering, backstabbing and money grabbing that seems common to all these so called goody two shoes groups; IMO as dirty as any mainstream corporation).
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Re: Copper World

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