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Redflex Corruption

Posted: Nov 29 2009 12:53 pm
by Jim_H
I got a ticket in the mail yesterday. Here is the "evidence" against me. If I were doing 79 in the 65 as claimed, I would have been in the trunk of the car in front of me. I am car #2 behind the truck. A car from Colorado is passing me, and he may have been going 79, but I don't know. If he was, it looks like I got his ticket.

AZDPS and Redflex are clearly lying about the quality control they claim to do, and they have no problems sending a ticket to an innocent victim to help tighten the budget problem and fatten the corporate profits. If they looked at the videos as they claim to do, I never would have gotten this.

Something tells me I am not the first person to whom this has happened. Is anyone interested in starting a class action lawsuit against a company which gathers evidence for the state without a private investigators license, and has profit as its motive behind "law enforcement"?

Re: Redflex Corruption

Posted: Dec 20 2018 11:18 am
by SpiderLegs
@hikeaz - Great! I got a ticket the last time I was in El Mirage which I promptly ignored.

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Posted: Mar 26 2019 11:14 am
by hikeaz
The ex-wife of a school bus camera company CEO will be held accountable for her alleged role in ripping off taxpayers in Dallas, Texas. County Judge Eric Moye on Friday ruled that Margaret Leonard will have to turn over evidence to the committee charged with clawing back some of the $185 million lost as a result of the stop arm camera scandal that took down Dallas County Schools (DCS).

Checks in her name were written to DCS president Larry Duncan, who admitted taking bribes. She gave $5000 to state Representative Ramon Romero (D-Fort Worth), $7000 to California secretary of state Alex Padilla (D) and $5000 to Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards (D). In an April 6, 2015, email, Duncan told Robert Leonard how much campaign cash was expected in each Dallas city council race. Linda Leonard's signature is on $1000 checks for each name listed.
"Please make all checks out to the candidate's name plus the word 'campaign,'" Duncan wrote. "Individual campaign contribution limit is $1000... We discussed the following amounts."

The email lists $3000 for unopposed city council candidates Adam Medrano, Scott Griggs and Philip T. Kingston. Candidates in contested races would receive $5000, including Tiffani A. Young, Mark Clayton, Gail Terrell, Carolyn King Arnold and Joe Tave. Duncan then added $3000 for Monica R. Alonzo and $5000 for Sherry Cordova.

"I simply overlooked Alonzo when we last talked," Duncan wrote. "She is a friend and would be hurt if we left her out and she found out about the others."

Even though Margaret Leonard did not work for Force Multiplier, the company paid the mortgage on her $1.6 million "resort like estate" on Royal Lane in Dallas . She also received over $50,000 in payments from the company over two months. Shortly after Margaret Leonard filed for divorce on November 8, 2017, many of Robert Leonard's assets were transferred into her name. Harbin argued the divorce was a ploy to shield those assets.

As a resident of Louisiana, Margaret Leonard insists the Texas court has no jurisdiction over her. She also says the campaign checks signed in her name were not authorized.

"I didn't write this check," Margaret Leonard explained in a deposition earlier this month. "That's not my handwriting." Akin to.. "I did NOT have sex with that woman" (Good 'ol Bill)

The primary purpose of Dallas County Schools was operating the school bus service, but it decided to pay $25 million to Force Multiplier for the exclusive right to market and sell school bus cameras to other Texas school districts. The scheme failed to make the promised return, and debt spiraled out of control.
DCS and Leonard cooked up a complicated real estate deal to raise funds, which only drove DCS deeper in debt. I
nvestigative journalists at KXAS-TV exposed the plot after noticing the campaign cash flowing from Force Multiplier to camera boosters on the council.

Re: Redflex Corruption

Posted: Apr 30 2019 6:19 pm
by hikeaz
Massachusetts: (Scummy) Ticket Quota Cop Wants To Avoid Jail Time

Daren DeJong...A former Massachusetts state trooper who admitted he ripped off federal taxpayers (lied) and issued bogus speeding tickets (stole) is now begging a US District Court judge for leniency. Daren DeJong, 57, took home a net salary of $179,971 in 2016 thanks in part to the overtime cash he collected on a federally funded speed trap detail on Interstate 90, which runs from the border with New York to Boston Harbor.

DeJong's downfall came when he accepted the $16,000 bonus from a US Department of Transportation-funded program without fulfilling the federal ticket quota. Both the Accident and Injury Reduction Effort (AIRE - aka SCAM) program and the X-Team program mandated the issuance of predetermined numbers of citations to qualify for the overtime payment (This is illegal) . DeJong did not actually work the ticketing shifts that he claimed. Instead, he cooked the books and went home early, as did forty of his trooper colleagues.

"Troopers were expected to issue a minimum of eight to ten citations for each AIRE shift and twelve to fifteen citations for each X-Team shift," assistant US attorney Mark Grady wrote. "Any failure to issue the required number of citations drew negative scrutiny from supervisors and command staff."

During what was supposed to be an eight hour shift on patrol, the troopers would rush to get all the required tickets issued in an hour so they could go home. If the weather was bad, making it hard to issue speeding tickets, they would just go home without writing any tickets with the supervisors marking the troopers as "redeployed."

"Because Massachusetts State Police required that Troopers working the AIRE (SCAM) and X-Team overtime shifts generate citations, DeJong created bogus citations in order to claim hours that he had not worked," Grady wrote. "An hour or more before the end of his regular shift, DeJong would stop individuals, and/or run driver's histories, and would create bogus citations which he would then claim had been written during the AIRE (SCAM) overtime shift."

Investigators used radio logs and computer records to confirm that DeJong was not working when he claimed to be on the job. Federal prosecutors want DeJong to spend six months behind bars for embezzlement, which would be the stiffest punishment issued to members of Troop E. Thus far, a judge has imposed a three month sentence on Trooper Gregory Raftery and a single day behind bars for Trooper Eric Chin. DeJong admitted his guilt and now is asking the judge to impose a sentence of home confinement for six months, instead of a prison sentence.

"The fact that the acts he committed were done within the context of a rigorously enforced citation quota system also suggest they were unlikely motivated by greed," DeJong attorney Bradford Bailey wrote. "The incidents outlined above amply demonstrate that DeJong sacrificed much, and otherwise performed his duties admirably, over the course of his long career."

Re: Redflex Corruption

Posted: Jul 09 2019 12:39 pm
by hikeaz
Never seen the gub'ment fight so hard for citizens' 'safety'.... Eight $MILLION collected from a city of just 15,000.

Florida's auditor general has caught a city misusing red light camera cash and other funds belonging to the state. According to a report released on June 28, Opa-Locka, a city of 15,000 in Miami-Dade County, the mismanagement was so bad that state agencies began withholding $1.2 million from the city for its failure to comply with financial reporting requirements.

Opa-Locka gave American Traffic Solutions (now Verra Mobility) the right to set up eight red light cameras to issue fully automated citations worth $158 each. Under state law, the city is supposed to transmit $83 from each ticket to the state Department of Revenue. Those payments are supposed to be made on a weekly basis, but the audit found this was not happening. Over eight years, Opa-Locka's for-profit vendor gave the city $8.1 million in revenue, of which $4.2 million was supposed to be turned over to the state. The city only handed over $1.2 million, leaving a $3 million shortfall.

"In response to our inquiry, city personnel indicated they did not know why former city personnel did not make the required weekly transfers to the Department of Revenue during the period June 2013 through July 2018," the audit report stated. "Without prompt remittance of proceeds to the Department of Revenue from traffic signal penalties, the associated state funds are deprived of these revenues and unable to use the proceeds for their intended purposes."

Opa-Locka was also caught improperly handing out automobiles to the mayor and all four city commissioners. The city (TAXPAYERS) also paid for a car, including full coverage insurance and tolls, for the city manager. This is a problem, since the city was obligated to report the value of any personal use of the cars to the Internal Revenue Service because it is a form of taxable income; which of course they could not, as they received the vehicles as bribes. The commissioners' cars were leased at a monthly cost of $1179.

Why do gub'ment workers need to be bribed if they are merely ensuring citizens' safety? Hmmm

Opa-Locka's finances were so dire that the city was declared to be in a financial emergency in 2016. A state oversight board was put in place to oversee operations.