Camelback Christmas Tree

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Should hikers be permitted to place a Christmas Tree on the summit of Camelback Mountain?

Yes! It's holiday cheer!
No Way! Bah humbug!
Maybe, if some conditions are met (discuss below).
Total votes: 38

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Camelback Christmas Tree

Post by chumley » Nov 29 2016 6:35 pm

Yay or nay?

Phoenix Parks and Recreation removed the 2016 tree and issued the following explanation:
"We deal with these kinds of things throughout the year: Christmas trees, flags, religious symbols. Our concern is these can present a safety hazard bringing them up the trail. They could easily fall down off the trail and hurt someone. We must protect the natural state of the mountain preserves in desert parks."
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Re: Camelback Christmas Tree

Post by LindaAnn » May 23 2017 8:55 am

I hope they vote to ban the tree. It's litter, and totally out of place up there. If I want to look at a decorated tree at Christmastime, I have one in my living room. Not that Camelback is any sort of wilderness experience, but I don't want to see it up there. Santa can go volunteer at a soup kitchen if he has all this energy.

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Re: Camelback Christmas Tree

Post by JasonCleghorn » May 23 2017 3:18 pm

Hopefully they will ban the tree and if he resists, him too. It has ZERO to do with Christmas and all to do with trash, trinkets, foil and birdseed that don't belong in that environment.

But I have no dog in the fight as I wouldn't be caught dead up there. Not my cup of tea.
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