Mt Lemmon Hwy Opens Tomorrow

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Mt Lemmon Hwy Opens Tomorrow

Post by SpiderLegs » Jul 31 2020 3:55 pm

So this should be interesting. Under pressure from the business community, Pima County is opening the road up Mt. Lemmon to Summerhaven. But, the Forest Service still has their ban in place for the rest of the mountain. What I read from a local source is that the FS only has two rangers for Mt. Lemmon. They will be pretty busy chasing people off and writing tickets tomorrow.

Guess the way the sheriff's department will handle it, is to count cars and only allow enough to fill up the parking areas in Summerhaven and the ski area. Once those two places are full, then allow one car up for every car down.
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Re: Mt Lemmon Hwy Opens Tomorrow

Post by cactuscat » Jul 31 2020 4:31 pm

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?! lol
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