Lake Mary Road / FH3 Construction Summer 2017

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Lake Mary Road / FH3 Construction Summer 2017

Post by chumley » Apr 25 2017 11:29 am

Lake Mary Road will be undergoing shoulder widening and complete resurfacing ... by complete resurfacing, I mean they will be pulverizing the existing surface and starting over, not just putting a new layer on top.

This will occur on a 7-mile stretch between the Lower Lake Mary Loop and Stoneman Lake Road.

Additional construction will occur with the replacement of the Willow Bridge, just south of the turn for FR81 which accesses the north side of West Clear Creek.

Surveying and sign installation will begin this week, and delays will begin May 1st and continue through the summer. Construction and delays will also occur on weekends.

Traffic delays of up to 30 minutes will be possible, with single-lane travel alternating in each direction.

Please be advised of potential delays and plan accordingly.
This will affect access to Tramway, Maxwell, AZT 29/30, as well as many other less popular hikes.

Besides the FHA RFP, there's not much online yet, but it's a Coconino County road, so perhaps this will be a good spot for updates: ... on-Project

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Re: Lake Mary Road / FH3 Construction Summer 2017

Post by azbackpackr » Apr 25 2017 3:46 pm

I hope they are upgrading it to match the northern end of it. That section is just about the best place in the state to ride a road bike. Wide shoulders, very smooth, etc.
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Re: Lake Mary Road / FH3 Construction Summer 2017

Post by Nighthiker » Apr 26 2017 5:57 pm

Favorite road bicycle route for me as well. Looking forward to the improvements and thanks for the info.

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