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Road Conditions - How this category works

Posted: Feb 01 2002 5:00 am
by joebartels
Topics under this forum should start off with 'FR...' or the Road Name

When you get back from a trip post the FR Road number ( ie: FR100 ) as a thread topic in this section.

Then folks can respond with the condition of the road.

Posted: Feb 01 2002 5:00 am
by nealz
Good idea Joe. I try to mention the FS road conditions in a report if they are particularly dicey, but a single-source for road conditions, especially logged in by FS number, certainly is more convenient. Nice goin.


Posted: Feb 01 2002 5:00 am
by ck_1
Excellent idea!...

Road Conditions

Posted: Feb 01 2002 5:00 am
by Scott
I'm not sure if this is the right forum but.... I was actually going to post a question along this line. Being new to hiking, and reading access descriptions I've probably shyed away from a few trails not clear yet on the definitions of road conditions, ie I have a Mazda B3000 2wd truck. I think it would be considered high clearence? Now I use to own an F250 with a 4' lift kit and 35' tires which I guess I would consider really high clearence.(most of my 4wd experience came on lumber trails and snow in MI, not mtns and washes. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. :D :D :D

Trail Access Roads

Posted: Feb 01 2002 5:00 am
by Snick33
Hey Scott,

I currently own a Jeep Grand Cherokee and previously I owned a Chevy Blazer. I can honestly say I've never encountered a Forest Road that really required 4 wheel drive, at least any Forest Road the was listed in any of the descriptions in the TrailDEX. I frequently take El Olso from 87 to 88 and I've been on all the Forest Roads on the Rim. I am also the self professed expert on Mount Pelley road conditions. the only rules we live by is that we never travel the Forest Roads if it's snowing, raining or wet. Two reasons for this policy: #1, I grew up in Michigan and when you slide off a logging trail, it's a real nuisance and a major pain if you have to wait for help to arrive. When you slide off an Arizona Forest Road it can turn into a 'Near Death' experience very quickly. I once slide down 1/2 mile of the Hells Canyon Wilderness road when we were caught in a rain storm, and the experience lastest long enough for me to ponder my life, my loves, and my pursuit of happiness.

#2 It screws up the roads when you travel on them when they are wet. Some of the Forest Roads only get graded once in 5 years.

I guess Patty and I have always viewed the Forest Roads as a way to get to the hiking trails. When the road turns into a 4X4 challenge, that's when we turn back. I'm not into the thrill of 'Offroading', I think it cool for others but I'm not into playing on Saturday and wrenching on Sunday.

I think Joe hit it on the head with this Topic and it never hurts to ask if anyone has updates on road conditions.

Posted: Nov 23 2002 6:18 am
by Abe
More often than not, I have taken for granted the forest road I might be traveling is nasty; however, a site to review forest road conditions, fairly current, is awesome. I think it will be a valuable tool in my planning.