Turkey Creek RD - tire hazards

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Turkey Creek RD - tire hazards

Post by kwpapke » May 31 2015 5:22 pm

Headed to Turkey Creek TH in the Chiricahuas about 10 days ago. Just after I crossed the one lane bridge a couple of miles into the gravel I had a massive tire blowout. Unfortunately I did not find the artifact that caused the tire damage, but it caused a huge unrepairable cut in my Jeep tire.

I have had several tire punctures since moving to Tucson 6 years ago, but they were all nails, screws, the usual construction stuff that is easily repaired. This one was in a whole different category.

Of course I didn't check the inflation on my spare before I left ](*,) Good thing Sunsites was just a few miles back and I was able to limp back there and fully inflate the spare. Didn't trust going back up the same road without a spare, knowing I had not found the implement of destruction, so returned to home base and spent the rest of the day having a new tire mounted :-({|=

Note to self: always, always, always check the inflation on the spare before leaving on a backcountry trip. :guilty:
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