Hammock use

A continuous, 800+ mile diverse and scenic trail across Arizona from Mexico to Utah.

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Hammock use

Post by Mothergoose »

Does anyone know if it is doable to use a hammock on this trail. Thanks
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Re: Hammock use

Post by skatchkins »

Tough_Boots wrote:True southerners don't argue grammar (mostly because they don't actually know what it is).
Dang, that bruns.
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Re: Hammock use

Post by Tough_Boots »


I should know-- I'm a product of Georgia public schools. :D
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Re: Hammock use

Post by nonot »

I would say to do the stretch from flagstaff south to Pine, and then celebrate with a beer at the nearby pub "THAT brewery". South of there I think you will find stretches without trees.

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Re: Hammock use

Post by rustyshackleford135 »

I hammock camp when I can, but I couldn't imagine being able to hike the whole azt not going to ground. Even half of it would be tough! Just get a top quilt that is wide so you can use it tent camping also on a sleeping pad!
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Re: Hammock use

Post by corwinwilkins »

I have used my warbonnet blackbird up and down the AZT, and there are some places where you have to "go to ground". But honestly, there are way more opportunities to hang than you'd think. If you're using a 3/4 Underquilt with trimmed pad combo for insulation you can handle Just about everything. Bring a 10'x3' piece of Tyvek for a ground sheet and you can use an enclosed hammock like a bivy.
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Re: Hammock use

Post by Nighthiker »

I used a hammock in the past but I thought to a bear I looked like a food bag.
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