Welcome to the Arizona Trail Forum!

A continuous, 800+ mile diverse and scenic trail across Arizona from Mexico to Utah.

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Welcome to the Arizona Trail Forum!

Post by sirena »

First of all, I would like to thank Joe for providing a forum for Arizona Trail enthusiasts! I am looking forward to this being a place where hikers, bikers, and equestrians can share their plans, ask questions, and get insight from other trail users.

The forum is not the place to post photos of a hike or a triplog. Instead use the Post button found in the upper left corner of every page, next to the Map button. As you post triplogs, a check mark Image will display so that you can keep track of your progress.

Spring reports are on the left sidebar along with links to the individual passages- please try to help other users of the trail and update spring conditions when you see them.

Also on this forum is a map with all the trailhead locations: http://hikearizona.com/map.php?AZT=1 You can get directions from your house as well as between trailheads for shuttle planning.

Visit the Arizona Trail Association http://www.aztrail.org/ where you can get information about the trail, learn about volunteer opportunities, and support our state's very own National Scenic Trail.

See you on the trail!

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Re: Welcome to the Arizona Trail Forum!

Post by joebartels »

Hopefully this will help people experience this incredible trail!

This easy to remember link takes you directly to the forum http://hikearizona.com/azt
- joe
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Re: Welcome to the Arizona Trail Forum!

Post by azbackpackr »

Thanks, Sirena and Joe!
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Re: Welcome to the Arizona Trail Forum!

Post by writelots »

Kick pumpkin - this forum rules! :y:
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Re: Welcome to the Arizona Trail Forum!

Post by blisterfree »

Cool beans! Thanks Sirena, Joe, et al for hosting a good thing in a friendly environment.
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Re: Welcome to the Arizona Trail Forum!

Post by IrvFerguson »

I have did this Trail from Superior, 4 hrs to the south and 4 hrs to the north. I need to find where it connects again to Kelvin Hwy or even Oracle Junction. Great Trail. I see on News Channel 3 that some one is Hiking from Mexico to Utah? really cool. Irv.

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