2018 Spring Thru Hike NOBO

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2018 Spring Thru Hike NOBO

Post by LoLo » Oct 07 2017 11:59 am

Hello all, I am beginning to plan my early spring, 2018 (possibly thru) hike northbound. I am a seasonal employee, and I go back to work April 15. I'm planning to start my hike in the third or fourth week of February. Has anybody heard any weather reports anticipating this Winter's snow pack etc? I am prepared to stop my hike at the Mogollon Rim if there is still considerable snow. However, I would like to make it at least from Mexico to roughly Blue Ridge if I can. Is a late February start foolish? I've read the other forums from other years, and I understand that starting this early can be troublesome. Just wondering if anyone has specific information about the 2018 winter outlook. Thanks!
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Re: 2018 Spring Thru Hike NOBO

Post by nonot » Oct 07 2017 1:41 pm

Above the rim is usually cold and can be snowy in February and when it thaws out varies year to year, but it is unlikely by early April to be pleasant.

You will actually likely encounter cold and snow even in the south, even on segment 1, which crests at 9000 ft. Be prepared, or else wait until later in the season.

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