Post Your 2019 NOBO Start Dates

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Post Your 2019 NOBO Start Dates

Post by PICKEREL » Jan 02 2019 9:27 pm

I like how the AT posts the registered start dates of thru hikers. That way you can join people, or you can avoid them. The information helps either way.

I am looking at a NOBO start during the week of March 4th. Not exactly sure of what day. I'll be flying into Tucson and shuttling from there. Looking to complete in 40-45 days.
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Lone NOBO AZT - Superior to Pine

Post by FancyPants » Mar 06 2019 3:12 pm

Lone NOBO AZT - Superior to Pine
Hey everyone!

I'm new to the forum, but am planning a hike up the AZT starting on 3.16 headed up to Pine, looking at ending around 3.24 depending on conditions. The weather outlook so far is pretty good for that time. I'll be outfitted for 8-9 days, just wondering who else I might see!


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