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Posted: Apr 03 2012 10:59 pm
by K0HB
Sorting out the idea for a group of about 15 older hikers (60+) to hike from Peeley TH to the bottom of LSM (#244) at old AZ87. (About 12 miles if my map skills are OK.)

These are all moderately experienced hikers who regulary hike the Superstitions. Most have done Flatiron, Picketpost, and "long" hikes such as Peralta to First Water, and other similar hikes.

We'd drive up to Mount Peeley TH, a few hikers plan to summit there, then those guys would drive the vehicles back down FR201 to pick up the long distance guys at the bottom. We guess the downhill (yes, we know it's not all downhill) hike would be about 6-7 hours.

Maybe with a bailout point at Mormon Flats. (Will FR25 be OK for a small SUV like a Forerunner?)

Any "gotcha's" in our thinking?

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Posted: Apr 03 2012 11:18 pm
by nonot
The hike seems doable provided FR201 is snow free, and I'd think it would be snow free by now. But I think it's longer than 12 miles - maybe more like 16.5-17.5

Not sure about the entire length of FR25 - FR25 should be good to the intersection of FR25/FR25A. From there - on FR25A you may want to walk part of FR25A, it gets gnarly the last 2 miles. Haven't driven from that spot any further along FR25 towards mormon grove myself.

Don't know what a Forerunner is, but a 4Runner will easily make it to Peeley TH and make it to the part of FR25A where it gets really bad.

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Posted: Apr 04 2012 6:02 pm
by blisterfree
Is Mt Peeley a routinely summitted peak? Can you ensure that the summitting portion of the party will make it back to the vehicle in a safe and timely manner? It might help to have protocol worked out in advance, as far as what to do if the pickup vehicle doesn't rendezvous with the distance-hiking half of the party by a certain time. Come to think of it, that'd go for anyone planning done-in-a-day pursuits with one vehicle and dual itineraries in less familiar terrain.

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Posted: Apr 04 2012 6:55 pm
by The_Eagle
blisterfree wrote:Is Mt Peeley a routinely summitted peak?
There are numerous GPS Tracks on site. Here's one of the most common Routes.

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Posted: Apr 04 2012 7:50 pm
by blisterfree
Oh heck, that doesn't look so bad. 8)

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Posted: Apr 04 2012 11:22 pm
by Sredfield
There is a portion of the trail, south of Thicket Spring as I recall, that is badly overgrown. Hikers make it thru alright but it is pretty narrow for a short distance.