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Boots still needed on Segment 25

Posted: Apr 20 2016 11:58 am
by heyyou
While we were working on Segment 25, a passing rider said that it was difficult for the horses, and that info was not in the segment description. We believe that was a reference to the sharp, erosion resistant rocks there. In some places, both on and off of the tread, the surface is all broken rocks with almost no soil between them.

Sounds like you need to have boots for their hooves until you get to Pine, or further north.

Re: Boots still needed on Segment 25

Posted: Apr 27 2016 6:15 pm
by lynnmaring
In my opinion as an equestrian boots are not a viable solution to this type of tread, it just comes with the territory. I have always had my horses shod. The only offer for a segment description is just to note the type of tread, deadfall to large for a equine to get over, blow outs, or slides creating a hole in the trail. and leave it up to the individual equestrian. Hopefully, more equestrians will be involved with the trail and the tremendous amount of work to maintain its existence. The trail isn't an easy undertaking with equines. The Arizona trail has made me nash my teeth and then later look out at the views in awe.