Garmin Maps the Arizona Trail

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Garmin Maps the Arizona Trail

Post by Bumblebee »

Hi there,

I plan on bringing my Garmin GPS. Anyone here who bought "Garmin’s “Trailhead Series - Arizona National Scenic Trail”"? Would you recommend it? Or any other suggestions which maps I should take?

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Re: Garmin Maps the Arizona Trail

Post by rcorfman »

What I did, was join the ATA and then downloaded the AZT tracks and waypoints available to ATA members onto my Garmin GPS. My GPS has Garmin's basic topo maps and that worked fine with the supplied tracks/waypoints.
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Re: Garmin Maps the Arizona Trail

Post by Sredfield »

In 2010 I downloaded all the tracks then available from the ATA website, split the bigger ones into 500 point segments, and loaded them on to my Garmin GPS. I also imported the tracks into National Geographic TOPO software and printed paper maps. This took over 8 hours of constant attention.

Garmin now offers a chip with the AZT on 1:24k topo maps as the background imagery. Plug it into the gps receiver and you're good to go. IMO the chip is well worth the price.
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Re: Garmin Maps the Arizona Trail

Post by Trew »

I use those maps in my GPS. A few times I have been a bit confused with them, but overall, with the printed maps, and the GPS you will do ok.

If you are going to do the entire trail I would recommend you just but the printed maps from the ATA and save yourself some time, and money.
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Re: Garmin Maps the Arizona Trail

Post by Preacher »

I have a Garmin Oregon with four states and AzTrail loaded. $550 invested. Any buyers? Make offer. The thing tries to too much for this old man to keep up. I down loaded the manual and its worth less than useless.
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