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List of AZT cache boxes

Posted: Sep 23 2018 6:47 am
by garyc57

Is there a publicly-available list of the AZT water cache boxes? You know, those brown, metal, latched boxes, usually near accessible locations?


Re: List of AZT cache boxes

Posted: Sep 24 2018 8:11 am
by Sredfield
I know of these:

Sahuarita TH
Oracle State Park north boundary, just south of the underpass
Tiger Mine TH, a few steps north of the parking lot
Freeman Road TH
Florence Kelvin Highway TH
FR 4, South of Superior, Not readily accessible with stock vehicles
Pine TH, a few hundred yards trail-south, through the steel gate, turn right, near the fence
Hay Meadow TH (Highway 87, near Mogollon Rim Ranger Station)
Cedar Ranch TH
Kelly Tank (north of FR 514)
Murrays Lake /FR 205 TH
Orderville TH