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Lyft to the AZT?

Posted: Dec 05 2018 2:14 pm
by amberjoy
I recently saw someone mention in a Facebook post that they'd heard Lyft/Uber was available and pretty reliable as a transport between Coronado National Monument and Tucson and that the rate came out cheaper than the shuttles. I was surprised because I wouldn't have thought Lyft or Uber would be hailable from down there or willing to drive such a long way. Now I can't find the post to ask the OP if it worked out for them. Have any of you heard about this or personally taken a Lyft or Uber out to or from the trail?

Re: Lyft to the AZT?

Posted: Dec 06 2018 10:30 am
by hikeaz
Likely the originating post belongs in the 'AZT Carpooling, Shuttles & Rides' thread. [ Error T Topic ] ]

Economically speaking (for one person) it would be better to take 'the grey dog' from Tucson to Sierra Vista (+/- $25) and then Uber from there (+/- $30) vs. $100 + Uber from Tucson.