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Route Scout - GPS Topo Mapper

Posted: May 11 2015 3:12 pm
by joebartels
Import to Follow Routes from HikeArizona, auto loads topo maps specific to the route for offline navigation
Pin track navigation to stay on course with off-trail audio alerts


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In Development
- several Android X updates
- updated map dependency
- Fixed nearby routes tap issue
- Added 4/10ths second filter on the first recorded point to skip cached location

5.3.04 Apr 20th, 2021
- Fixed off-line map bug in iOS
- updated dependency

5.3.02 Mar 16th, 2021
- updated dependencies
- fixed minor issues

5.3.01 Mar 3rd, 2021
- fixes "after pause" bug in 5.3.0

5.3.0 Feb 22nd, 2021
- updated dependencies
- added a prominent disclosure through a pop-up alert before the location runtime permission
- updated permanent link to the privacy policy

5.2.48 & 5.2.50 Feb 2021
- updated dependencies
- updated permission dialog for Android 11
- added permanent link to policy

5.2.46 Oct 2, 2020
- fixed 5.2.44 bug in mileage merging routes
- fixed 5.2.44 bug in "filter out drive away"
- AEG in split statistics now reports if equal to gain, to avoid confusion

5.2.44 Sep 24, 2020
- redesigned timezone logic
- removed nature audio option on iOS due to inconsistency
- fixed "view on map" when tapping a waypoint in waypoint-lists
- removed nature images from Top Stats to reduced app size
- added [ View Splits ] to Top Stats
- fixed Android Drive issue

5.2.42 Sep 9, 2020
- improved on-break and anti-scribble-filter logic
- added a 4-pixel tolerance around nearby routes and waypoints for easier tapping
- fixed on-break bug in top stats
- readded map rotation option, compass direction lower-left tap orients direction of travel
- added half-second delay after map view to add-waypoint, edgeless screens were picking up irrelevant thumb-palm taps
- updated dependencies

5.2.40 May 1, 2020
- added cancel option to elevation profile track menu
- fixed map menu scroll for over 8 tracks
- updated to min iOS 13.0 per iOS
- updates map dependency
- refactored zoom button

5.2.38 Feb 25, 2020
- fixed file sort issue
- fixed a bug that paused activity
- updates map dependency
- updates location dependency
- timezone refactored to beginning of activity
- refactored audio breaks

5.2.36 Feb 06, 2020
- debug now sends direct without email
- Official Routes display [ Off trail ], [ Technical ], [ Route Finding ] & [ No Dogs ] as applicable
- redesigned home screen mapped routes layout, color scheme, icons & terminology to match throughout app
- redesigned Trip Note page
- updates map dependency

5.2.34 Jan 16, 2020
- fixed major startup bug
- total rewrite of file delete process to fix odd race conditions
- updated webview and location dependencies
- changed default elevation profile to compact version
- updated compass coefficients to current World Magnetic Model WMM2020

5.2.32 Jan 07, 2020
- added filter for random location scatter
- removed back in time location services restart that should no longer be needed

5.2.30 Dec 28, 2019
- fixed bug related to deleting a route
- fixed confirmation popups that never worked on first call in iOS
  - delete activity
  - delete file from review/preview map view
  - go to triplog in queue
  - filter out drive away
  - delete checked routes
  - delete 10 oldest routes
  - delete all routes
  - refresh maps loaded
  - reverse track
  - switching or second call to set pinned track
  - switch follow
  - delete waypoint
  - email debug
- fixed rare excluded map notice on tracks under 0.1 mi

5.2.28 Dec 15, 2019
- rolled back map dependency to fix iOS map wonkiness
- follow route will now always be top of 5-mapped list on home screen
- intuitive-ized home screen "offline topo maps": icons, info, quick functions
- new "nearby official routes" piggyback import
- converted rarely understood/used file sort to more intuitive button layout
- patched nearby sort bug
- fixed rare restart initialization 

5.2.20 Nov 4, 2019
- bug fix for iOS map
- beware iOS 13.x vertical map pan is annoyingly sticky

5.2.18 Oct 31, 2019
- updated map dependency

5.2.16 Oct 23, 2019
- tapping elevation profile now displays time in addition to miles & aeg
- fixed homepage blank routes list issue after deleting, importing or switching follow while recording
- fixed issues related to changing follow while recording, such as audio splits and off trail alerts stopped
- fixed slow response to finish recording
- removed 5.1.0 db backup for activity in progress - extra layer is not needed and was using power
- updated dependencies

5.2.14 Aug 28, 2019
- updates one dependency
- fixes rare import bug

5.2.12 Aug 24, 2019
- loads maps on import now without keeping the screen on
- added merge icon to merged routes ( going forward )
- updated dependencies
- iOS 13 support

5.2.10 Jul 12, 2019
- Added logic to debug. Now filters out curious taps.
- Increased Merge Point Limit from 5k to 15k
- updated dependencies
- reduced/updated info page

5.2.8 Jun 7, 2019
- track name(s) now populate in route
- improved "filter out drive away"
- fixed files page scroll to bottom option

5.2.7 May 12, 2019
- now automatically sets imported routes to follow on import
- merge now allows imported files
- added high/low bars to elevation profile
- fixed major waypoint bug
- fixed character input validation
- fixed major straight lining issue (iOS)

5.2.5 Apr 16, 2019
- updated location dependency 
- fixed android screen off sound
- fixed waypoint bugs related to pausing and restarting
- fixed a major bug causing a circular reference
- fixed back on track bug immediately starting activity

5.2.4 Apr 11, 2019
- added gpx import directly from device
- added recorded-route-file option - filter out drive away
- fixed audio - background audio continues & no memory leaks
- added notice to reload app if database does not connect on initialization[1]

- finished cleaning up settings page, scroll space on both sides
- added return to map on settings page if recording
- stopped scroll on footer of file page, Android users often flick bottom of screen up for device buttons
- fixed initial cattywampus header in Import>Nearby
- changed back on track alert to a semi environmentally respectable dong with option for dramatic fanfare tada![2]
- added optional low tone double chime when you have returned to origin of activity... reminder to stop Route Scout
- imported files - clarified follow verbiage

1) Notably iOS 12.x issue. When it didn't connect the only thing that worked was begin activity
2) Not working in iOS, will dong regardless of setting until next release

5.2.3 Apr 6, 2019
- refactored logic for various audio triggers to keep off trail alerts from colliding with audio splits
- refactored audio events from time based to event based
- added back on track alert when utilizing off track option
- got rid of potentially troublesome whitespace in UI
- redesigned settings page to allow right column scrolling without accidentally tapping a setting

5.2.2 Apr 3, 2019
- fixed several audio related bugs
- cranked up nudging iOS to keep running from every 5 minutes stopped to every 2 minutes

5.2.1 Apr 1, 2019
- fixed major bug related to deleting waypoints
- fixed small bug after preview
- fixed file list refresh after file delete (iOS)
- added delete file from preview if not following
- fixed offline notification bug that caused all sorts of issues
- finally added nature images to top-tap stats if nature splits is turned on
- popup keyboard when creating a waypoint (Android, iOS does not allow)

5.2.0 Mar 19, 2019
- fixed waypoint bug for iOS
- cleaned up top-tap stats
- possible* fix for iOS Straight Lining
*Tested perfect on three short hikes. None w/ issue volunteered to beta test. Debug report needed immediately following issue.

5.1.0 Mar 15, 2019
- found and fixed offtrack audio issue
- refactored promises & fixed issues that might cause odd race conditions
- added db backup for activity in progress for extra reliability
- added subtle yet effective low battery notice
- reformatted top stats to a cleaner layout
- simplified debug to 1 button
- added confirm to begin activity if page just loaded
- added old data filter

5.0.0 MAJOR RELEASE Mar 7, 2019
Updated database structure. Definitely more reliable for iOS.
NOTICE: Possible 1 Time Loss of Login & Saved files on initial 5.0.0 start up. +Add triplog from RS BEFORE upgrading to save files!

- Fixed file list stats issue that recalculated new files over and over
- Removed storage calculation on file popup, everyone has enough storage for a route file now
- Removed Send Route, structure possibly created memory leaks

4.12.0 Feb 27, 2019
- Removed built in waypoints, burden on iOS memory and cpu.
- Removed off trail beep due to Android issue.
- rolled iOS build back to 10.3

4.10.10 Feb 21, 2019
- updates dependencies for iOS
- increased iOS build to 12.1

- added AEG to Audio Split Totals
- now releases resources after audio, possible bug fix for Android
- enlarged file select checkbox
- added scroll-to-top & scroll-to-bottom on file page if 15+ files

4.10.06 Jan 18, 2019
- possible fix on rare set follow bug
- fixed two preview bugs related to profile
- added new optional smaller profile

4.10.05 Jan 8, 2019
- fixed map loading issue since 4.10.01
- fixed iOS resume after break since Oct 2018

4.8.08 Dec 30, 2018
- added merge option to combine recorded routes into a new route
- fixed profile stats for multiple track routes

- added auto route import
- fixed +Add triplog tap issue

- updated background dependency
- possible fix for iOS users where recording fails to continue after a break
- updated docs and menus to HAZ verbiage that changed last summer
- multiple rare case bug fixes, mostly for Android

- fixed bug conflicting audio alert for water sources
- updated map dependency

- update database dependency
- refactored waypoint proximity to save battery

- improved jittery "direction of travel"
- changed map header tap from native popup to full sized page for easier readability with larger font
- header tap is called "Top Stats"
- "Top Stats" includes time of day, activity time, pinned track ETA, lat, lon, last break, last split
- updates map dependency
- adjusted water source audio trigger

- When 50 max files are reached RS now auto deletes the oldest file
- Files page has a new footer bar for easier one handed operation to pageback

- fixes quirk unsetting follow from home
- file list tidy up
- android fix for internet connection issue after prolonged use
- android platform upgraded to 7.0.0

Fixed Android recording issues. Apps such as FB hog resources. RS will no longer be bullied by corporate thugs.

Android users on a lower version should seriously upgrade

- fixes major issue for many since early april (android)
- lots of little bug fixes
- quicker loading

- improved options after saving to Roue Cloud
- Android: removed Google Apis causing issues for many users, now using native device geolocation

- improved logic to record less elevation errors

- rolled back Android dependencies due to multiple issues to accommodate users

- retain pinned track when RS is closed & restarted
- now confirms changes to pinned track so the user understands only 1 track may be pinned
- fix for iOS random unexpected app start
- fix for lack of audio notifications near water sources
- post triplog now has mode & name entry before going to web interface
- removed power-up audio option

- finally fixed a major bug that occurred after previewing a file while recording activity

- audio waypoints limited to following and water sources

- fixed two rare bugs

4.0.22 Android / 4.0.28 iOS
- offline maps is now for 5 most recent routes set to follow
- added traditional zoom buttons to map
- map scale font increased for aging scouters
- preview map center state saved on screen off
- recording map now centers to current position after screen off/on

- water sources
-- included for CA & AZ
-- option to view on HAZ
-- functionality added to preview map

- updated "info" page
- most audio options off by default on new installations
- updated dependencies

Route Scout 3.1.37
- Offline Maps is now for 5 routes most recently set to follow
- now rounding battery level for a few getting significant figures
- added mtn => mountain to audio abbreviation conversions

Fixed on Android
- no internet detection after extended use
- removed unneeded old code that may cause conflicts
- more pageback buttons where space permited
- coding for a possible future update to allow more offline maps
- swipe header L to R to pageback is either direction now
- homepage icon for activity is more intuitive now when recording
- 5 ways to import pageback to home if initiated from homepage
- moved buttons slightly away from edge for curved displays

- fixed: file sort issue
- fixed: rattlesnake pronunciation
- added: Audio Splits option -> pinned stat
- added: option to hide finish button on map
- default audio speed: faster now
- water report button: hides when finished
- water report button: changes to edit if already entered
- drive: offers "pick a track" if more than 1 track

- removed timer on preview map, view to your delight
- shutting off screen on preview now holds last position
- improved distance to waypoint logic
- fixed map icon color after pausing
- updated map & background dependencies

- Updates dependencies
- Possibly fixed erratic straight line where a bad point of data is recorded while checking app.

- added waypoint alert option to settings

- fixes inability on some devices to tap waypoints

- refactored nearby waypoints to check more often with less processing

- begin/finish waypoints added to imported tracks for audio proximity alerts
- fixed quarter mile proximity bug
- waypoints created during activity now work with proximity
- waypoint audio proximity resets after set time to alert future encounters

- fixes critical dialog bug in version 3.1.1

- updates dependencies
- improves debugging

- water report button fixed

- waypoints created on a hike now have decimal entry option and display distance/bearing info
- new motion dots help understand direction of current track
- dependencies for running in the background, database and the map updated
- added thin line to "Pin to" dots to help distinguish in congested areas
- options now offered when setting "Pin to"

- new direction of travel icon

- critical fix changes communication to HAZ over a secure connection
- everyone needs to upgrade, older versions will have limited functionality

- "Pin to" feet & frequency defaults in blue corrected
- fixes menu back key oddities on Android
- better debug to help solve issues

- Clarified follow verbiage in preview
- "Pin to" helper redeveloped
- Removed brightness setting. iOS never had it. Androids auto adjust.
- Finding signal text added on begin activiy

- suggest "Pin To" if not set and near track on begin activity
- added current position to elevation profiles if applicable
- default setting for nature is off
- random nature is default, removed setting
- enunciates begin activity
- battery <35% moved out of splits to make it available to all
- fixes bug in clear follow

- fixed compass on iOS
- audio waypoints now convert a few abbreviations ie: nw th ft
- started de-cluttering settings
- enhanced debug system and added issue input
- updated dependency code which keeps the app current to technology
- attempt to fix issue where a new recording starts immediately after finish 

- added file search when over 3 files
- added approaching file limit notice

- added search as an import option ( can enter hike & gps id numbers too )
- now gives the user a chance to name a waypoint before auto naming with a timestamp

- cleaned up map menu
- removed 45 minute timeout

- clears "pin to" on "stop & save"
- new menu system for follow tracks
- added option to reverse a follow track

3.0.18 Android
- added logic to reduce off track notices of a pinned track when idol

3.0.16 Android
- added logic to reduce false breaks
- added granular control for off trail of a pinned track under settings

3.0.14 Android
- minor adjustments

3.0.12 Android
- fixes a bug if switching follow while recording
- fixes a bug for audio waypoints under 5 feet
- routes imported from RouteMGR hold color scheme
- adds a beta function to maybe fix gaps

3.0.2 Android
- re-added notification bar on locked screen missing in last release

3.0.0 Android
- resolves stop recording issue when using other apps

2.1.14 Android
- resolves "loading" issue

- nearby named place waypoints balanced on import
- named place waypoints hide when zoomed out on preview
- updated map dependencies
- fixed backtrack bug
- added 12 new waypoint icons for nearby named places

- fixes preview map bug

- fixes water report "save" not closing
- fixes annoying device keyboard header on Android

- fixes iOS tap on waypoint list issue
- fixes Android leaving a water report with device back-key
- waypoint info on tap a little more user friendly with an X to close in upper right
- fixes pageback on splits page in review
- "preview map" is now branded "review map" for recorded routes
- beta system for Android to catch disabled backgrounding
- updated dependencies which may improve keeprunning

- fixes an issue with preview map
- dequirkified waypoint tap display
- introducing water reports

- removed wake lock on recording map to be consistent with the iOS version
- added a speed filter to remove unjustified jumps in speed

- redeveloped "Follow" route backend for a better experience **
- fixed jittery scroll in recording menu
- toned down the fisher price size in the recording menu

** basically we ripped out the flux capacitor and replaced it with a rice cooled atom smasher
...the 60 mile import limit is much higher

- menus roll in smooth now
- might keep app from stopping during a break ( iOS only )
- might work better when audio is interrupted ( iOS only )

- fixes major bug in 2.0.28
- sort of fixes twitchy menus in iOS 9

- fixes minor issues

- iOS 9 compatibility fixes: pageback, map tiles, status bar

- fixes incorrect zero split stats
- keeps iOS from stopping during breaks
- app notes on the homepage to communicate better with users

• fixes voice overlapping nature call on iOS
• fixes rare cached coordinate on secondary activity
• fixes roadrunner lyrics to fend off the peanut gallery

• holds center on button tap zoom out
• fixes layout overlap
• fixes buggy loader when canceling profile track select
• clarifies offline map dialog
• continuous location update option now on preview, for sake of driving to activity
• fixes incorrect distance to waypoints on preview map

• fixes satellite reception loss when not moving or on break ( iOS )
• added track menu to elevation profile for multiple tracks
• crosshair displays on profile tap even if off
• elev profiles are more transparent, tap auto zooms as needed
• near full screen option for preview map
• added mode & hide 1 week to posting options
• fixes nature calls ( iOS )

• iPhone audio speed reduced for Dave1
• fixes twitchy menu button when previewing a route
• fixes undeclared apprate id
Updates typically take 0-3 days. Typically loads with auto update on, wifi on & charging. You may always force an update...

- on your iPhone go to RS on App Store
- verify new version click the download cloud icon
- click open and verify the new app version on the app at the bottom of the homepage
- if it doesn't match the App Store version number do it again

- on your device go to Play Store
- click the menu button upper/left in search bar
- select My Apps
- update Route Scout or all

--------------- Other HAZ Tools for Planning ---------------------------
Route Editor - plan & review recorded hikes
Route Cloud - online exchange for Route Scout & Route Editor ( import gpx, etc )
--------------- Available via Plan at top of any page -----------------

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Jul 31 2015 8:47 pm
by joebartels
Route Scout might be out for general distribution on Google Play mid to late August. iOS will be many moons after.

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 10 2015 3:36 pm
by JasonCleghorn
Please tell me that it responded to the howl of a coyote the way I think it did Saturday. When I got on top of Little Bell Rock, a coyote howled in that canyon below. Not 3 seconds later, unless I was hallucinating, it said, "You just got rocked by a coyote".

Also, can you list what animals/birds it knows? I am fascinated by this!

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 10 2015 3:39 pm
by chumley
Jason Cleghorn wrote:Please tell me that it responded
Route Scout responds to environmental sounds?

Does it also work with the accelerometer and gyroscope in such a way that it will laugh at you if you trip? :)

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 10 2015 4:08 pm
by joebartels
The genetically enhanced vocals of the full bird experience may contain a surprise or two. Use of "Route Scout" without sleep or under the influence of any substance other than water is not recommended.

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 10 2015 4:16 pm
by JasonCleghorn
So, Joe, was that a no, because I am 100% certain a coyote howled and it said what it said 2-3 seconds later, LMAO...

It was hot in Sedona, but not that hot...

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 10 2015 4:30 pm
by joebartels
It said something similar. I like your experience better so it might get modified. Along with yelling pumpkin patch if you trip.

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 10 2015 4:34 pm
by JasonCleghorn
FWIW, I also heard Cooper's Hawk and Brown Thrasher... :)

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 10 2015 4:37 pm
by chumley
Jason Cleghorn wrote:FWIW, I also heard Cooper's Hawk and Brown Thrasher
I do believe there's a setting that informs you the species of bird squawk that just played. As an iPhone user I don't use Route Scout though. That might have been an option in the beta testing that didn't make the production version.

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 14 2015 8:03 pm
by hippiepunkpirate
Trying to login to Route Scout in order to send a track to Route Cloud, keep getting the message "invalid login". And no, I didn't forget my password....

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 14 2015 8:28 pm
by joebartels
It is VERY case sensitive for the username and password. Typically the device will try and capitalize the first character, etc. It authenticates directly to HAZ so if you are really having trouble then change your password on HAZ.

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 14 2015 10:02 pm
by hippiepunkpirate
Changed password, case sensitivity followed to a T, same error coming back

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 14 2015 10:43 pm
by joebartels
There is indeed a bug if you do not login until trying to save a route. Instead login on the home screen.
Click the blue cloud to import. Select anything other than "Nearby". So "Alphabetical", "Queued" or "Route Cloud". It should accept your credentials then you can go back to send to Route Cloud.

2.0.18 will be out by morning to fix the bug

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 15 2015 10:48 am
by hippiepunkpirate
Worked! (via import menu, haven't downloaded this morning's update yet)

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 17 2015 10:59 am
by joebartels
Sent to iTunes on Friday so it might be out for iOS by the weekend. If any iPhone members want to beta test PM me an email address.

Not yet, the next RS version: 2.0.20
- audio speed is reduced for Dave1
- fixed twitchy menu button when previewing a route in the file folder

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 17 2015 2:51 pm
by RowdyandMe
So far I like it once I turned off the voice on it.

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 20 2015 6:29 pm
by Oregon_Hiker
Downloaded it today and took a quick look without taking it on a hike. Liked the map download capability -something I could never get to work on the previous HAZ gps app. Don't understand what "audio speed" setting means or "audio track splits". Maybe that will become obvious once I actual use it on a hike. First impression is that this is a real winner. Nice work, Joe.

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 21 2015 11:08 am
by AZLumberjack
Downloaded Route Scout the other day and used it on my Hieroglyphic hike today. No issues with it but wondering if this is going to replace HAZ Tracks? Do I keep both? What are the advantages of one over the other? Still beats the hell out of Garmin though :)

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 21 2015 11:38 am
by chumley
Joe Bartels wrote: New app replaces HAZ Tracks

Re: Route Scout

Posted: Aug 21 2015 11:58 am
by joebartels
Oregon Hiker wrote:Don't understand what "audio speed" setting means or "audio track splits".
audio speed - the rate audio is spoken ( slow to quick )
audio track splits - stats for a given interval, such as every mile

@mnlumberjack check out the first post in this thread