Superstition Ridgeline Snow Hike

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Type Standard Hike, Climb, etc
Start Date 2015-01-01
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Superstition Ridgeline Snow Hike

Post by DennisWilliams »

A month ago I tossed off a flip remark in a triplog about someone doing the Four Peaks Mother Lode Tres Veces, at night, in the snow, while playing the trombone, and said I would leave that sort of thing to others. That has not changed, but......

The weather is shaping up to produce rain in the valley and snow down below 5000' starting Wednesday evening and finishing up Thursday around noon. The Wunderground weather forecasts for Mesa, AJ, and Gold Canyon all indicate about 0.33 inch of rain Wednesday night and traces for Thursday AM, and near 100% chance of snow for Payson. If the forecast holds up there could be 3 - 4 inches of snow on the ground along the ridge and the summits, with clouds swirling and snow squalls during the morning, clearing in the afternoon. I am very keen to see the Ridgeline in those conditions. It is not the Mother Lode, but it could be spectacular!

I have done the RL 4 times, always from Carney to Siphon. I am torn about which direction to go. My inclination is to do it again from Carney due to familiarity with the look of the trail (might be helpful if covered in snow). If upper Siphon is full of snow that could be dicey coming down, but it would be in late PM so will probably be OK, and likely only the top few hundred feet at most.

To those of you for whom the Ridgeline offers insufficient challenge, the MLTV snow climb awaits. Don't forget the trombone.

Update 12/29: The forecast is holding up. A weather alert has been issued for snow above 2000' Wed PM / Th AM. So far, so good! It will likely be cold and windy up there!

Update 12/30: The forecast continues to hold up. Should finish snowing before we start the hike at 0630. Might not see these near ideal conditions for years to come. Jump in!

Update 12/30: Still holding up. Payson snow forecast is for 5 - 8". A little much, but still just a forecast. Mesa, AJ, Gold Canyon forecasts look good.
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- Antoninus Pius
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Re: Superstition Ridgeline Snow Hike

Post by traildirt »

i did the ridge on new years last year, the snow was awesome....we lost the trail coming down from 5057 towards carney, right as it was getting dark. luckily we found it again with hardly a moment of day light left. it was awesome! going back tomorrow for a repeat (no snow though :( )
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